Ellie Bond makes her mark at FHC as the final Bond child


The first day of high school is one that will be remembered for all time by any student who’s gone through it. Freshman Ellie Bond was no exception as she will certainly remember her first day.

“I was so nervous [about starting freshman year],” Ellie said. “After the first day, I cried because it was just so chaotic.”

This reaction may seem alarming, but it is actually pretty normal for kids who are nervous about their first day. Like most others, Ellie got through her first-day jitters and is well on her way to a successful freshman year.

However, unlike most others, Ellie is the youngest of a family that has had all of their children go through FHC. Both of her siblings have been very successful at the school. One of her siblings, Tate Bond, graduated with multiple varsity letters and is now currently enrolled at Michigan State University. The other, senior Tess Bond, is currently the president of the student council board, among other things.

“[I feel] so much pressure to live up to them,” Ellie said. “I compare myself [to them] so much.”

While Ellie does have big shoes to fill, she is doing well in that area, at least based on everything she is involved in so far this year.

At the very beginning of the year, she decided to enter into the world of theater. While she isn’t visible on stage as an actress, she is helping out with something just as important: the crew. Tess is the head of house, which means she helps with tickets, decorating, and organizing the first thing audiences see when they come to a show. Ellie has been working under her, also helping with front house duties.

“Tess kind of forced me to do crew for theater at first,” Ellie said with a laugh, “but after I started doing it, I began to really like it.”

Ellie has been acting as her apprentice, and she is getting ready to take over the position following Tess’s departure to college. This is a good thing for both Bond sisters and the theater program as a whole because Ellie is very fond of what she’s gotten herself into.

“I love [doing crew for theater],” Ellie said. “I love the atmosphere and especially Mrs. Demeester.”

In addition to being involved in the school’s theatre program, Ellie is also a part of the ski team. Balancing both of these is a feat in its own, but even more impressive is the fact that Ellie is the only freshman girl participating in ski team this year.

This is another activity she shares with her sister, but Ellie decided to join this one all on her own.

“Tess and I have been doing ski team together,” said Ellie, who has been skiing recreationally for many years. “[Ski team] is fun, but I did not realize all the conditioning we’d have.”

Doing both theater and ski team together has brought Ellie and Tess together in a new way this year, and Ellie is more than grateful for it.

“[Tess and I] have gotten really close this year,” Ellie said. “That has been very cool; I’m very glad.”

Not only has Ellie benefited from having her sister there to share a high school experience with, but she has also been reaping the benefits of having older siblings her entire life.

“I’m the favorite,” Ellie said about the perks of being the youngest child. “I get kind of babied, but it works out for me in the end.”

Ellie, though still insistent that her entire family knows she is the favorite, has other reasons why she is grateful for being born last. Namely, that she is glad that both Tess and Tate are there to help guide and show her how to live her life to the fullest.

“I definitely get a great perspective on how to run my life in the long run,” Ellie said. “I have really good role models.”

Knowing she will one day be the final Bond to walk through the halls of FHC, Ellie has decided to make the most of her time and do everything she can to leave behind a great legacy.

“I really want to end [the Bond legacy] by making the school a better place, somehow, someway,” Ellie said, “whether it be sports or being president of the school, or whatever. I think a small impact can end with a big effect.”