Player Profile: Sydney Kushak


Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

Name: Sydney Kushak

Grade: 10

Sport: Water polo

What does it feel like to be pulled up to varsity this early in the season?

I’m so excited to have gotten pulled up because this means that all my hard work on JV has paid off. I’m also really excited to be playing with the older girls and playing against some really good competition.”

Is there a specific food that you eat before every game?

“Before every game, I go to the Subway down the street and get myself the same sandwich every single time.”

What made you want to play water polo?

“I started water polo in seventh grade when my mom told me about a team that was down the street; I had been swimming my whole life so I decided to try it, and I fell in love with the sport.”

Who is the biggest inspiration in your Waterpolo career?

“I think that Kara Bolger has been a great upperclassman to look up to in both Swimming and Waterpolo; she is always encouraging me, and helps me do my best. She is just a really great teammate.”

What is the hardest part of water polo?

“The hardest part about this sport is definitely how tired you get. You are just treading water the entire time, and it gets to be exhausting.”