FHC Women’s Novice Rowing Team

FHC Womens Novice Rowing Team

Payton Field , Staff Writer

In a single file line, with a long boat above their heads and a look of determination across their faces, a team of 8 girls march toward the cold, shallow, and beckoning river. Simultaneously, they gracefully drop the boat in the water and climb in. The siren blasts and the race begins, with hundreds of boats rowing and competing to win the title of 1st place.

“I first decided to sign up [for Crew] when my friends told me how much fun it was,” said sophomore student Abby Hier. “I didn’t have a spring sport to do, because fall swimming was over, and I decided to give it a try.”

The Women’s Novice FHC Rowing team has had a strong start to their season. With many new and promising students joining, the team has had, so far, one of their best seasons yet. Although they have competed in only 3 regattas, they have placed within the top five for each one. The team’s members have been working extremely hard, with rigorous and tough practices.

“Each practice, we take out the launches and boats and row upstream, then back downstream again,” said freshman teammate Katie Johnson. “We practice starts with the rest of our boat and also do a lot of drills.”

According to Abby, they also have to erg on the machines, in addition to practicing on the water. The team’s first time competing together (the ergetta- on the machine) was also a huge success for Abby. She attended only two of the pre-season conditionings and ended up placing first, above all her other teammates.

“While I was rowing I was extremely tired and I felt like I was going to throw up,” Abby said. “But then after the race, I didn’t really know what was going on until someone yelled at me saying that I won.”

Each competition (the regatta- on the water), both the A and B boats have done better and better. Katie, who is on the A boat, said that her boat hasn’t lost yet, and has placed first in each one. Abby, who is on the B boat, said her boat has placed in the top five for each one. The team is said to be one of the best Women’s Novice Rowing Team at FHC in a very long time. According to Katie, at one of their regattas, the A boat won first place for the first time since the coaches went to school here.

“We have been working really hard at practices and lately, we have been having to go farther and faster,” Katie said. “It feels really good to have all of our hard work paying off.”

Because the team spends a lot of time practicing together, everyone has gotten very close. Both Katie and Abby agree that one of their favorite parts about the team is how united and contiguous everyone is.

“Everyone really has to work together to achieve the goal of winning. If one person is off, it could mess up everyone else,” Abby said. “[So in that aspect], we have all gotten to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, in order to do our best.”

Another advantage is meeting and interacting with new people. Katie mentioned that through this experience, she has gotten to know many more freshman and expand her friendships.

“In the fall, I was also on the Varsity Swim Team, so I bonded with a lot of upperclassmen,” Katie said. “For crew, I am on the Novice Team, so I spend most of my time with other freshman and whenever I am with my team, I am always laughing.”

In the upcoming meets, all boats will be trying their hardest, hoping to continue the streak and win. This weekend, the team is traveling to Ohio to compete against many other teams in the Midwest competition.

According to Katie, if they win this competition, they would advance to the next one in Canada. Hopefully, with strong teamwork and determination, they will win and we wish them the best in whatever is to come.

Whether they win or lose, the FHC Women’s Novice Rowing Team has made amazing strides and leaps, leaving records and memories to all who follow.

“ It has been such a great and fun experience for me,” Abby said. “I am so proud of my team and honestly, I am so glad I signed up because it has been such an amazing ride down the river. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”