Your sacrosanct scent


The drudgery of life’s concerns tugged me forward

Poised and placid, I moved into your prosaic room

Softly, I sat down, allowing the world to tower above me

A lackadaisical sigh escaped, and a hello to your beige walls wriggled itself out


Like the snow blankets the barren trees, I draped my cold body with your tattered sweater

Despite my efforts of blithe omission, remnants of the past wafted into the air

I wish I could say they were breezy, balmy, and warm

But your residual scent was brilliantly potent, not soft nor milky 


It reminded me of your radiance 

How your sacred smile lifted me higher than trees outside my window 

How your gleaning eyes colored the bland walls

It reminded me of you and your wonder, but as I looked closer, the delineated lines began to blur 


The bright colors began to melt

The remarkable scent began to disperse into the air 

All that was left were the unexceptional beige walls 

And thoughts of what used to be