JV Soccer Loses For The First Time To FHN

JV Soccer Loses For The First Time To FHN

Peyton Fester, Sports Reporter

The FHC Boys JV Soccer team faced off against fellow foe, FHN, this evening. The result was certainly not what FHC wanted, as the boys lost 1-0 at FHN.

It was a hard fought battle on both sides in which both defenses really shined. It took 67 minutes until the first, and last, goal was scored on either end. With only 3 minutes left, FHN knocked in the lone goal off of a tremendous free kick. That goal would become responsible for handing FHC their first loss of the season.

Although they allowed a goal, the FHC defenders deserve loads of credit for preventing any other goals. The loss always leaves a mark, but this game will most definitely serve as a learning experience for this JV team. FHC coach Jonah Stacy, who formerly played for FHC, was happy with certain aspects, but was let down by other parts of the game.

“We dominated on defense,” Stacy said. “More or less, we just could not prepare for the attack.”

Overall, the season has been going in the right direction for FHC. “Really happy” was how Stacy responded when asked about the team’s performance thus far. The FHC Boys JV Soccer team looks to bounce back for their fifth win of the season at Ottawa Hills, at 4:00 PM, this coming Thursday.