A letter to my team


Dance team has always been my safe place.

It is comprised of my best friends, role models, and my one passion; however, this season has felt different.

Over half of our team this year are rookies—meaning that we lost our four talented and beloved seniors last year. Beginning this season, practices felt off without them; it felt like a crucial part of our team was missing. 

Team bonding experiences with the new team felt forced and lifeless. Considering that I dedicate the majority of my time to practicing and training, I longed for unity with them. Furthermore, my overall goal was to grow closer with each and every member, no matter if they were a freshman or senior.

But, as the season continued on, things changed.

Throughout all of the hardships and difficulties we faced together, it ultimately resulted in each of our bonds slowly, but surely, growing strong.

I’ve now learned to love my team and appreciate everyone’s unique qualities both as dancers and people, despite the novelty.

Moreover, I’d like to thank each and every member for all of their consistent, valuable contributions.

Joelie: You being chosen as one of two captains for this team this year was the best possible choice. You have helped not just me but the whole team work through problematic situations. Your positive mindset contributes so unbelievably much to this team, and I am so grateful for that.

Courtney: You are never not on top of things. Your organization and high standards for us as a team inspires us all to improve. All of your knowledgeable traits—ranging from your determination to your sweet soul—define you as a captain.

Katrina: Your never-ending hard work and perseverance inspire me to always give it my all, and you possess so many valuable traits that make you such a genuine person.

Thinking back at how far we’ve come as a whole is unbelievable; we went from being strangers to now uniting as one capable and substantial team.”

Grace P: Your high-energy spirit never fails to shine through at practice. From even just a “we’ve got this, guys!” in the depths of pom, your reassurance always has our back. The team would not be the same without you.

Morgan: I never see you slacking off. Your drive for not just yourself, but for the entire team to improve as a whole is incredible. You do countless beneficial things for this team, and I am so beyond grateful for that.

Molly: Your encouragement never comes to an end. You are always making sure everyone is comfortable with what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, and it is so helpful. Your compassion for dance shines through at every practice, and it is so beyond inspirational.

Julia: Your dedication to this team is so advantageous for us as a whole; your constant constructive criticism forms this team into what it is, and we would not be the same without you.

Emily: Your commitment and cooperation is so strong. The fact that you went from beginning as an alternate to now an official member of the team proves your insane dedication to this team.

Abby: Your talent shines through in all three of our competitive routines. You are a stunning addition to the team with a passion for dance that is beyond inspiring.

Alexa: As a first-year member, you are always up for a challenge. Your perseverance through tough times is exhilarating, and it always results in an asset in regards to the team.

Grace M: You are such a beautiful dancer overall, and despite your timidness, you contribute countless great things to the team.

Kaylin: Your consistency and collaboration regarding this team is so strong—along with your never-ending conclusive attitude. Your persistence never fails to shine through in anything you do.

Ali: Your positive energy towards literally everything is so inspiring to me. Even though you’re younger than me, I still look up to you and your bubbly personality.

Addi: Your hard work at practice is deeply appreciated; you always put forth the best version of yourself, and it is so beneficial to us as a whole.

Megan: Seeing your bright smile in both fourth-hour geometry and at practice after school is so comforting. No matter what, you are always offering so much with your kind heart.

Thinking back at how far we’ve come as a whole is unbelievable; we went from being strangers to now uniting as one capable and substantial team. Yes, we lost some amazing teammates last year, but fortunately, we gained eight more dancers this year that I can proudly call my best friends.

I have now come to the conclusion that my new team is truly a blessing. Each and every member makes us powerful and prodigious as we continue the legacy of FHC dance into the bright future.