My little brother is a dink


Regardless of what he does or who he grows into, I will always think that my little brother is a dink.

As people, we don’t always notice how fast time passes us by and just how quickly our favorite people grow up. Days go by fast, and years go by even faster. Before you can blink your eyes, those who were once so little all of a sudden aren’t so little anymore. I don’t want to realize that he is getting older and slowly becoming his own person. He may not want my advice but, as his older sister, I don’t have to listen to him.

When he no longer wants to be read a story before bed or would rather watch a gory movie over his old favorite, I’m hit by just how fast those years went by. Realization strikes. He doesn’t need me anymore; I’m no longer relevant. But, here’s my attempt to be.


I hope for you nothing but the best. I hope your fall mornings are full of plenty of crunchy leaves to jump on. I hope you still get amazed by the lightning outside your window at night. I hope you still barge into my room when you need me to help you with your homework. I hope your spring mornings smell like rain and your sunsets appear to be oil paintings done by Monet. I hope your winters are full of soggy snow pants, and I hope the aspect of a snow day still puts a smile on your ever-growing, freckled face.

I want you to understand how great it feels to scream your favorite lyrics at the top of your lungs while driving down Cascade. I want you to experience the feeling of three soft blankets, your favorite story, and a cup of tea after everyone else has gone to bed and the house is still and quiet. I want you to appreciate the strong, rich smell of an old book, the kind that makes you close your eyes so you can take it all in.

I hope your winters are full of soggy snow pants”

I wish for you to never lose the passion that you carry with you in everything that you do. I wish for you to continue to speak the thoughts that push against the side of your brain. I wish for you to understand how your ability to be patient baffles me time and time again and how far it will take you in life.

In my experience, it’s really the little things in life that make it worth walking through. No matter how you grow and change, I will still believe in everything you do.


Your sister, who will always think you are a dink