I am one with a lighthouse


The sea swirls and howls down below, violently slamming against my island of solitude.

The little sanctuary I’ve built over the years stands up to the trials of time; the repetitive motion of the waves bashing against the sand increases my need for strength.

My light shines across the surface of the world, beckoning ships closer to me. But, by my own fault, they never make it close enough to make out the beautiful mess I encapsulate.

The hundreds of feet of rocky water and jagged boulders piercing the water around my island of solitude makes it nearly unfeasible for the curious ships to catch a glimpse of my glorious metal structure that stands arrogantly in the night sky.

The barrier that protects my insides from getting punctured is also meant to keep society out”

Most ships see the raging waters and choose to ignore the siren-like call of the light from my island; some choose to brave the sea, deeply intrigued by the electric glow that bounces off the surface. They desire to discover where it is coming from.

The few ships that make it through the deathly maze and arrive at my island are entranced by the metal entrapment that stands proudly in the mist.

The captains who are brave enough to venture into the mist-covered cloud at the base of my lighthouse are only rewarded with running in the metal base of my heart.

The barrier that protects my insides from getting punctured is also meant to keep society out.

The large metal door that leads inside is bolted shut with three padlocks and 17 key-holes, each one harder to pick than the last.

If they manage to bust through all the locks that I’ve created, they are greeted with a grand staircase. If they happen to glance up, they can see the seemingly never-ending ascent and a tinge of yellow light that seems to whisper into the deepest depths of their soul.

The only way to reach the light is to climb.

Step after step, the staircase seems to grow, but in the end, the journey is worth it.

Once you get to the top of my lighthouse, you are met with no traps and no puzzles. You will find only my heart, crying out for anyone who is willing to take on the challenge of loving me.

If you take the time to brave my oceans and pick my metal cage and climb the endless flights of stairs, you get to bask in the light that is me: the me that finds comfort in isolating myself but longs for someone to save me.