Ali Gatie’s EP “You” is sickly sweet

Ali Gaties EP You is sickly sweet

A drip of honey lingers on your lips. The stickiness expands from your mouth to your hands mimicking most of your childhood memories too closely. Although you’re tangled in a thick, messy liquid, you can’t resist another spoonful. Just like honey, Ali Gatie’s EP You is messy yet sweet, and I can’t get enough. 

Ali Gatie is considered and R&B or soul artist; however, his songs are being recognized on pop top-100 playlists. He is a smaller artist, but hits such as “What If I Told You That I Love You” and “It’s You” have made his name more recognizable to the public eye. 

Just like honey, Ali Gatie’s EP You is messy yet sweet, and I can’t get enough. ”

The first song on his EP, “It’s You,” keeps a steady guitar strum and finger snap throughout the entire track. The light and airy guitar compliments the staccato snaps flawlessly, taking the song to the next level. The voices of background singers are very prominent; however, they harmonize perfectly with Ali Gatie’s soothing voice. “It’s You” is the perfect coffee shop song and tastes sweeter with every lyric. 

“Moonlight” takes the darkness out of chilling nights and reflects a golden glow of pleasure through your bedroom window. The lyrics and his voice resemble John Legend’s very closely: heartfelt, passionate, and soothing. He sings with a deep purpose that initially is hard to comprehend, but as the song amplifies its metaphors you begin to understand the true intention of this piece. “Moonlight” brings an ora of happiness to the EP, and it acts as a constant theme throughout most of the songs—specifically in the song “Used To You.”

“Used To You” complements both the beat and the lyrics of “Moonlight.” Not only do both songs convey the appeasing yet provoking theme that is apparent in the album, but they convey it as one song, not two. The songs portray the same storyline, and although each song tells a story apart, they tell an epic together.

“Lost My Lover” sets itself apart from all of the other songs on the EP due to Ali Gatie taking this song in a new direction. It begins with a prologue of him talking in a deep voice instead of singing. Though “Lost My Lover” is the most disparate song on this EP, it is the most relatable.

As the echo of the last note sung by the brilliant Ali Gatie diminishes, so does the honey. You subconsciously clean your mouth of the sugary residue leaving not a drop behind. The songs leave and the honey follows; however, you’ve become addicted to the pleasant substance, so you play the EP again from the beginning.