Co—Star offers a distinctive feature for all users


A day rarely goes by without me asking someone for a weirdly specific fact about them. Whether it be where you were born or what‘s the exact time you were born—yes it has to be exact–I’m always looking for answers. Though this tends to frighten others, there’s always a rare moment in which someone will see through the stalkerish questions I ask and give me a certain look that says everything.

No way, you like astrology, too!

To any person interested in astrology or any person who enjoys having an easy scapegoat for his or her bad traits, the Co—Star app is out of this world. Co—Star is an app that gives you a curated horoscope every day as well as compatibility comparisons with friends on the app; it tells you what aspects of your life you have ‘power in,’ and it gives you an overall explanation of your natal chart.

Co—Star’s brightest idiosyncrasy, however, is the weirdly vague daily messages it gives you.

“You’re always complicit in some way with your own betrayal.”

“You say you’re busy as if that’s a positive thing.”

“Question society with a friend today.”

“A feral animal may injure your body, but an insincere friend will traumatize your mind.”

All transmissions from the Co—Star app are delightfully cryptic, and for an app that costs zero dollars, the weird feeling of being on edge is worth it.

Downloading Co—Star is always a gamble because it provides you with fanciful, flimsy fibs and lets you do what you please with them. If you’re like most people, you’ll give your daily reading a quizzical look and a smile and then think nothing like it.

For me, on the other hand, I believe in the power of Co—Star wholeheartedly.

It has given me the confidence booster I needed before going into a math quiz. It’s given me consolation for my deepest thoughts. And, it’s definitely given me a whole lot of hoopla. Co—star has done everything except tear apart my friendships—yet.

Co—Star has no limits, and the messages it sends every proves that.

“Keep an eye on your desire to escape.”

“Experiment with telepathy today.”

“Your nervous energy won’t be especially useful today.”

Co—Star provides you with the easiest of conversation-starters, which is why the app is so perfect to recommend to your friends. Whether you can share a laugh over the absurdity of your daily message or sit there confused wondering what it means, Co—Star helps you create connections with your friends with just one simple sentence.

One simple sentence leads to a string of sentences which leads to a conversation which leads to the daily question: “what did your Co—Star tell you, today?”

With Co—Star, the planets always rule in your favor.

“Go be with people. Laugh. Eat. This is all you need to feel human right now.”

“Sit next to something green and let it recharge you.”

“Romance isn’t everything.”

With Co—Star, the stars will always align.