Forest Hills varsity gymnastics team loses to Lowell by one point


On Wednesday, February 12th, the Forest Hills varsity gymnastics team had another meet against Lowell High School. This meet ended up being a bit on the rough side, with the girls achieving their lowest team score of the season with a 136.65. With this score, the girls ended up losing to Lowell by one point. Overall, the girls did pretty well; there was just a lack of consistency in the routines across the board, giving them the lower score of the night.

In this meet, there was some struggling with the beam routines, knocking down the score by a few points. This meet is not one of the team’s favorites. The area for the events is not the most ideal situation, as there is no spring floor for tumbling and the equipment is old, making it brutal on the gymnasts’ feet and ankles. Although, the girls worked together and pushed through the meet until the end.

The next meet for the girls is on Wednesday, February 19th at 5:30 PM at Kenowa Hills.