FHC Varsity Football Wins Big Against the Wildcats

FHC Varsity Football Wins Big Against the Wildcats

Joe Freihofer, Sports Reporter

Anytime a team has an unbreakable bond of brotherhood and a player driven goal to succeed, nothing can stand in its way. The Rangers set out to take back what they almost had in last week’s loss to Greenville, and sent out a warning to the entire conference: they mean business.

An all out assault of offensive firepower and defensive determination powered FHC through to victory against the Northview Wildcats on Friday night, with a final score of 35-7. Whether it was a zone right run from senior Ty Collins or a drag route from junior Jace Thornton, everything on offense seemed to be working perfectly for FHC.

The Rangers started the game off strongly, forcing the Wildcats to two consecutive three and outs. Senior quarterback Tanner Hallock found the endzone on a QB sneak to put up 6 on the board and give the Rangers an early lead. From there, the offense unleashed an array of scoring thanks to Ty. Despite only finding the end zone once, Ty had a major impact on the game and gave the Rangers a huge boost on big downs.

“All of our run plays were really working,” Ty said. “Our line played well up front. Sal [Sidebotham] blocked for me really well, he was opening up holes, so I gotta give it all to them.”

Jace also had a major impact on the game, coming up with multiple catches and a short pass that he took 70 yards to the end zone. Head coach Tim Rogers was satisfied with how the offense played. He spoke about how well the team rebounded after such a heartbreaking 35-34 loss to Greenville in the previous game, and praised the leadership that the players displayed.

“This is a great group of seniors,” Rogers said. “They lead us on and off the field, and I never worry about their leadership abilities.”

Senior lineman Alec Elzinga, although not a team captain, has been very vocal on the sidelines and shows a lot of emotion during the games. He spoke about the impact that they are having on the team and how the bonds between the players affect them and how they play.

“These past years, we haven’t had any real leaders on the team,” Alec said. “I think that this senior class and all of the people around me, my peers, are a huge testament to how we lead this team and how much energy we bring. The junior class is a great support [to this team] and I think we mesh well together.”

This explosive energy and leadership showed up very early on in the game. Senior safety Anthony DeLapp had a huge night for himself, coming up with two interceptions, one which he returned for a touchdown to make it 14-0. Anthony was upbeat about the team’s performance and their upcoming matchup against FHN.

“It was a great night for the defense,” said Anthony, who would go on to mention the FHN game next week. “It’s an even bigger rivalry because we have been playing them since we were little kids.”

Ty also discussed how excited he was to play FHN, especially in a venue like Fifth Third Ballpark.

“I got the chance to play there as a sophomore,” Ty said. “It was an awesome experience. I’m really excited to go give it to Northern next week.”