Riverdale writers manage to make an ending that satisfies viewers after years of poor quality entertainment


Somehow, Riverdale, a tv show dreaded by many for its awkward and cringy script as well as an overall bad plot, managed to get their act together for the last couple episodes of season four. The finale season. 

Riverdale was a show with so much potential; season one had us all hooked with its compelling combination of mystery, romance, and relatability to teens and young adults all across the country. It was the type of show you would watch at a sleepover with your friends or even on a Friday night spent sitting on your couch.

However, as season two and three were released, the fan base seemed to vanish overnight. Episode after episode, viewers were left confused due to the lack of any real plot, and, in all honesty, it had just become poor quality television. It was definitely not worth the forty minutes it took to watch every week.

But, for those of us that managed to trudge through three seasons of agony and make it to season four, we were oddly surprised.  

Although the first couple episodes continued on with the same poor quality, it seems the show hit a turning point midway through season four. Each Thursday, I tuned in to watch the latest episode and, as the weeks went by, I found myself looking forward to Thursday afternoon sitting on my couch or at my kitchen counter eating a snack while watching Riverdale on my phone. 

Maybe it was just the idea that this tragedy of a show was finally coming to a close that dragged me back to the CW app every week, waiting to see how the writers were possibly going to end this series after attempting many failed plots and, even worse, teasing us with future scenes of our favorite character dead.

Episode after episode viewers were left confused due to the lack of any real plot, and, in all honesty, it had just become poor quality television.”

Nonetheless, I needed to see how it wrapped up, and even though these last few episodes have been better, they are still lacking a certain power that makes viewers, such as myself, not only wanting to know the ending but needing to. 

There is television out there that is a much better option and worth spending the forty minutes every week. That being said, if you happen to be bored or just want to laugh at how unrealistic a show can get, Riverdale is a viable choice. 

At the end, things started to be slightly more interesting or at least tolerable, and although not nearly as hyped up as the channel made the ending seem, it did provide a sense of satisfaction that was well deserved after watching for four years.