Remi Wolf’s kaleidoscopic songs are my soul food

Remi Wolfs kaleidoscopic songs are my soul food

In these seemingly endless, colorless days, I’ve turned to music more than usual to keep my spirits up. Constantly, consistently, and just as endlessly like these days, strings of songs will forever bounce through the four walls of my room, of my bathroom, of my kitchen—I do not know a life of silence, and I like it that way. 

What I listen to changes as fast as my mood, which is often, but there always has to be an underlying element of dance-ability in the songs I listen to. If I can dance—which is jumping around and rhythmically flailing my arms—to a song, I will instantly fall in love. 

Remi Wolf, a bit of a breakout artist that I have fallen for, has been my soul food these past few weeks, and her songs are the definition of dancing and grooving and, I’m sorry, vibing. 

Her 2019 single “Shawty” somehow made its way into one of my playlists one day, and I really did stop what I was doing and simply vibe to the electric beat. It sounds like summer, like windows down and sunny smiles and sparkling radios, and the on-the-move beat fed my energetic soul at that moment. 

I’m admittedly impatient, so when a song drops the beat within the first twenty seconds, I’m immediately hooked, and “Shawty” did exactly that. I love the subtle but packed-with-a-peppy-punch vocals behind the main chorus, and I especially love how I didn’t feel my usual incessant need to skip a song after the first thirty seconds of listening. “Shawty” is continuous, and a constant go-to for when I need a dance break. 

“Shawty,” along with five other songs from her debut 2019 EP, are all instant mood-boosters that are reminiscent of more colorful days. In 2020, though, Wolf packed an even more powerful punch with three singles that do not go a day without being danced to. 

“Woo!,” released just a few weeks ago, rings true to its name; it’s an excited shout, a quick holler, a bounce. The beat is bouncy, yet the lyrics are soulful and groovy. The assortment of background sounds include shattered glass, police sirens, hollers, and distorted voices could make for an extremely cluttered sound, but it doesn’t. It just works, and that is the power of Remi Wolf. Her songs are simply insane, but they are so seamlessly ceaseless; the continuous and energetic sound is a perfectly fitted puzzle of all the differing sounds. 

Remi Wolf does not have a bad song, and they all follow the same pattern of crazy dance-able tunes, and another release, “Photo ID” is my favorite by far. It’s so vibrant, so authentic, that it seems to ring true to Wolf’s equally as authentic personality. Listening to her songs, especially “Photo ID” and “Shawty,” is like looking at a vision board—cluttered with visions, with color, and with authenticity. She’s funky, and she’s bright, and her songs are such a breath of fresh summer air. 

For her latest release—a song made for quarantine dance parties, breaths of fresh summer air, and as a representation of the challenges the music industry is facing during this time—Wolf collaborated with six other funky artists, including my all-time favorite Still Woozy

Acting as the embodiment of creativity and groove, “Cheesin’” is a reminder that music is not canceled. Despite the cancelation of so many events and concerts, artists are still producing music, and it’s those singles, EPs, and albums that are adding so much color to my otherwise dull days. Embodying the kaleidoscopic sounds of all artists, “Cheesin’” was a seamless, crisp collaboration—definitely something to dance to. 

Remi Wolf is simply an icon—an icon whose entire discography is dance-able—and there is not a single song of hers that I ever skip.