FHC seniors will miss their last year of being in the student section


The brisk fall wind, hot chocolate, spirit day outfits, loud chants, and all of your friends. This is what comes with being in the student section during FHC football games. This year, the student section is no longer a possibility. 

COVID-19 has changed many things this year, and now it has changed how the stands will look during the 2020 Ranger football season. For all grades this is a bummer, but for the seniors, it is quite saddening. This was supposed to be the best and last year of being able to support the Ranger team and cheer on their classmates for one last time. When the seniors of FHC were asked how they felt about this year’s football season, there was an overarching theme to their emotions. 

“I think it’s really upsetting that we seniors won’t be able to experience something we have been looking forward to for so long. Football games are such a staple memory, and this year we have to miss out on those memories being made,”  senior Rachel Toole said. “Being part of the student section is such a unique part of high school, and it really brings the school together as a whole.” 

Everyone always says that senior year is the best year for being in the student section. You are at the front of the stands, up close to the action on the field, get to start chants, and get to enjoy your last fall at FHC. 

“It is a huge bummer not being able to attend football games this year, especially missing out on our senior year of getting to be in the front row and running the student section,” senior Collin Ward said. “I will definitely miss supporting the boys. It was a lot of fun supporting my friends on the team and having fun in the student section.” 

Along with the seniors in the student section, it is also going to be quite different for the seniors on the field. It is their last year of being able to play football as a Ranger, and there will be no huge crowd roaring and cheering them on. 

“The student section is a huge advantage for us during home games and they create a great atmosphere for us on the field. I and everyone on the team will miss the student section this year,” senior George Cobb said. 

It will be sad without the student section this year, but the students can cheer on the team from home and make sure they wish them luck before game time. The seniors of FHC will push through this time and make the best of what they have.