3 fast takes from the recent week of sports


1. Nick Foles keeps on being Nick Foles – On Thursday night, Nick Foles did what he does best: win. Even though his somewhat eerie, 243-yard performance against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers generated more questions than answers, he still demonstrated his solid field general persona throughout the tight thriller of a game. After the Bears eye-catching victory, the NFC North might not be home to just one Super Bowl Contender. In fact, Chicago might possess the absolutely perfect recipe for a late run in January. First of all, the Bears stout four-man rush of Akiem Hicks, Bilal Nichols, Roy Robertson- Harris, and Khalil Mack can forcefully manifest unrelenting pressure on quarterbacks without any fancy blitz packages. As a result, the Windy City Bears pass coverage scheme has had the ability to drop back a more sustainable amount of secondary players to guard the trendy deep ball. Lastly, the Bears have a grizzled Super Bowl Champion at the helm of their offense whose entire career has been centered on his playoff success. All in all, the Bears could realistically mark their calendars for Super Bowl Sunday if their defense continues to hold strong as a whole.


 2. The Lakers impressively escaped a crushing game seven appearance at the hands of Jimmy Butler – As Markieff Morris chucked the ball over the outstretched arms of Anthony Davis and out of bounds at the end of game 5, Lakers nation carried all of the pressure going into the pivotal game six on the massive forearms of Lebron and the monstrous shoulders of AD. Not only was momentum in favor of the Heat, but the mild heel injury to AD clouded the horizon of what the Lakers’ game plan would look like in game six; however, the historical duo of Lebron and AD showed up for one last rodeo against the Heat. Unsurprisingly, Lebron compiled a triple-double of 28 points, 14 boards, and 10 assists. Along with Lebron, AD grabbed 15 rebounds and had 19 points. The odd man out was Rajon Rondo. The renowned Playoff Rondo traversed the paint with Tyler Herro’s presence painted on him, and he scored a total of 19 points en route to one of his most vital performances of his postseason career. In a season of jolts and downturns, the Los Angeles Lakers conquered the NBA Bubble with a hint of flare and dominance.


 3. A season filled to the brim with uncertainty and positive test results – The National Football League mirrored Major League Baseball when it decided not to establish a temporary bubble like the NBA successfully did. Unfortunately, the dismissive response to a bubble has led to a plethora of positive COVID-19 cases that have seeped through the stratosphere of the NFL. Recently speaking, both the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots are the two most COVID-infiltrated teams in the NFL with a total of 25 positive personnel cases between September 27th and October 3rd, with one of those cases being starting quarterback Cam Newton. With that on the table though, the NFL’s rapid testing scheme will hopefully reduce the overall number of super spreads among the NFL community.