Learning to think happier


The pressure, the feeling in your chest when you know you’re about to cry, the terrible things in the world that are out of your control. 

It’s enough to make a person snap, but in all honesty, that sounds terrible. A life solely surrounded by negative thoughts is not the kind of person I hope to be when all is said and done. A lot of the time I focus on the bad. Not because I enjoy any part of it, but because it’s so much easier to wallow in the rough times than it is to smile through the good. 

Each day is made up of moments. Today had happy moments–like when my friend told me I was a ray of sunshine in her life. However, today also had bad moments–I struggled to keep up with the counts at cheer practice, and I quickly got overwhelmed. 

— it's so much easier to wallow in the rough times than it is to smile through the good.

Now reflecting back on my day, my mind immediately tells me to crawl into bed and torture myself about not understanding my math homework and not knowing how I am going to make it through the week. But, if I really tried to reroute my thoughts, I would find today was actually a really good day. 

First hour I took a nap—I know that’s not great, but we all do it—and it was just what I needed to get through the rest of my day. Second hour, I got a decent grade on a quiz I was anxious about. Third hour, I ate a donut I had in my lunch. Fourth hour, I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. Fifth hour, I got to take videos of people doing dances for the student council video, and lastly, in sixth hour, I got to talk with my friends about life, and it was beautiful. 

Most of these events are simple and forgotten almost immediately after occurrence, but why are these seemingly basic things that definitely improved the overall outcome of my day so easily overshadowed by all the bad?

Life will never not be crazy. You’re always going to have the good and the bad, so stop waiting for Friday to get here, stop counting the literal seconds until school gets out, and above all, stop ruining a perfectly good day with just a few bad moments.