Halloween Is For All Ages

Halloween Is For All Ages

Sam Noonan, Staff Writer

I’m pretty sure that everyone has fond memories of Halloween night as a child, running around with friends and family alike collecting candy. It’s hard not to love Halloween, and I know it’s always been a favorite holiday of mine. It’s a night where many people dress up as something or someone ranging from a princess to something out of your worst nightmares, and everywhere in between. Pictures of toddlers and puppies in costumes will always elicit an “awwwwww,” and parents everywhere can spend hours putting up Halloween decorations and throwing parties. It’s a holiday that sweeps the nation into a spooky spirit, and once again raises the same question: how old is too old for trick-or-treating?

Many people believe that once you’re a teenager, you’re too old to go out and trick-or-treat, and that you’re only embarrassing yourself if you do. This is how the majority of TV shows containing this subject portray it, and they are sure to influence at least some people. In my experience, people around my age and my friends continue to dress up for Halloween, although trick-or-treating is slowly losing its fun. However, it’s still plenty of fun to get a costume and hang out with friends, or coordinate your costumes. Even if trick-or-treating isn’t the same as it once was, there’s always plenty to do on Halloween night.

Although some might not be as enraptured by Halloween anymore, there are plenty who still thoroughly enjoy going out and trick-or-treating, which I believe is completely fine. As long as your costume won’t terrify any younger children and you’re respectful to everyone, I firmly believe you can trick-or-treat all the way through high school. A problem that people may have is that older kids in costumes are intimidating to younger kids who are also trick-or-treating, but as long as you remain respectful, understanding, and don’t try to scare off each and every person you come across, you’re more than welcome to go out and have a fun night.

It’s pretty well known that if you’re going to go trick-or-treating, you have to put on a costume. No, an orange shirt with black pants is not a suitable Halloween costume, and they only thing that will get you is dirty looks. If you’re going to celebrate the holiday by dressing up and going out to get candy with the hordes of other people, you might as well put a costume on like everyone else.

Ignore anything anyone says about you being “too old to trick-or-treating,” and enjoy Halloween night however you would like to. Whether this is hanging out at home doing nothing, handing out candy, enjoying a party with friends, or trick-or-treating, there are plenty of ways to get involved during Halloween.

Halloween celebrations are spread across our nation, and many places you go during the month of October will have something to do with Halloween. If you choose to sit at home in fear of being judged for going trick-or-treating, then you’re seriously missing out. Whether you go out and trick-or-treat with friends or go to a Halloween party, you’re really never too old for Halloween. It’s a nationwide holiday celebrated by countless people, and no matter how old you are, you’re more than free to celebrate it however you’d like.