3 fast takes from the recent week of sports

  1. Continuing their trend of cancellations, the Ivy League sports conference decided to cancel its winter sports season to neutralize the spread of COVID-19. If you remember, they were also the first conference to cut off the basketball conference tournament schedules in early March, a measure that was seen as abrupt at the time. With politics on the curb and out of the picture, the sad truth is that most of the seniors on each Ivy League team will have an asterisk in their bio by 2020. In my sports-minded opinion, I believe that the season could still be launched without any players in harm’s way. What I mean by that is there are many protective protocols—like mask-wearing and no attendance—that could be put in place to protect everyone on each program’s staff from contracting COVID-19.
  2. Bryson Dechambeau disappointed in fascinating fashion – After a pandemic-altering golf season, the Master’s finally returned to national television. Before the tournament kicked off, Bryson DeChambeau’s and his hulk figure were the favorites to be awarded the green jacket. Coming off a dominant U.S Open victory, DeChambeau caught everyone’s attention with his physical transformation and his somewhat reckless playing style. Even though DeChambeau finished at a sub-par 34th place and lost two balls in one day, he still impressed the golf world with his determination to keep his head down and keep on slamming the ball off the tee. An argument could even be made that he is more of an entertainer than a professional golfer. No matter what his scorecard read, Bryson DeChambeau managed to somehow stay in the spotlight on the biggest stage of them all.
  3. Kyler Murray put on a show against a top ten defense – As I was watching Josh Allen throw a perfect touchdown pass to one of the best receivers in the game right now, Stefon Diggs, I thought that the game was easily over. The game would have been over if the other team didn’t have a quarterback who had already converted on nine total game-winning drives in his young career. The deke and off-balance throw from Kyler Murray was one thing, but the catch from heaven by DeAndre Hopkins—over three defenders—was equally impressive. Not only do the Arizona Cardinals possess a wow factor to their ascent in the NFL, but they also seem to back it up with wins over Super Bowl contenders like the Seahawks and the Bills. Only time will tell if the Arizona Cardinals will be able to secure a playoff spot in the most competitive division in the NFL.