My reflection on the momentous year of 2020


Courtesy of Lydia VanDeRiet

Kissing 2020 goodbye holds remedy and optimism for the new year but also remembrance as I reflect on this past year’s significance—it’s a whirlwind of emotions. There were many positives that outweighed the negatives but also negatives that outweighed the positives as well.

As known, the world was struck by a deadly virus that has altered reality for years to come. However, the quarantines that came as a result of the spread have taught me a few things about living in these unprecedented times; I’ve learned responsibility by face masks becoming a norm. I’ve additionally learned that it is easy to uncover my true self just within the aspect of endless time. Staying put in my house for months at a time has thankfully forced me to better myself with all the boundless time on my hands. 

Aside from COVID-19, we’ve encountered a vital and empowering movement that is still ongoing: Black Lives Matter. Protests at the result of police brutality have raged all over the country as America stands up for the unacceptable racism that is still present in today’s day and age. Numerous unjustified deaths, such as Breonna Taylor’s, George Floyd’s, Ahmaud Arbery’s, and so many more have left society devastated and upset, eager to make change. Cities all over America were undoubtedly touched by the aftermath of these deaths—even our very own Grand Rapids. This era is unforgettable and will not halt until eternal equality is achieved between all.

Reflecting back on these past 365 days, I have realized that 2020 is a year for change. A year for knowledge, a year for tragedy, a year for misfortune.”

On top of all this, as every four years is, 2020 was an election year—one of the biggest elections in history, I’d say. President Donald Trump and now president-elect Joe Biden fought for the spot of the presidency of the United States until Biden was announced as victorious in early November. This win caused anger and suspicion of cheating, but at the same time, it caused unbelievable happiness and relief. Despite 2020’s overall bad luck, this 2020 election was extremely important for the future of America. 

Wistfully, 2020 stole various prodigious celebrities’ lives—some from old age, illness, and even hapless accidents. The losses of Kobe and Gianna Bryant were one of the first major deaths that struck the world. From there, the lives of actor Chadwick Boseman, best known as the Black Panther, actor Naya Rivera from Glee, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek have all sadly passed away in 2020. This distributed a wave of sadness among their many supporters and loved ones that deeply affected the feel of the year and projectively made the year worse.

On the more personal side, 2020 has affected me and my life drastically. I’ve lost friends to better myself, and from that, I’ve pinpointed my real ones who continually supply me with love and trueness. To Abby, Alexa, Grace, Izzy, Molly, and Lake, I love you. On top of that, I’ve grown closer with each and every family member of TCT from the countless group FaceTime calls, constant messaging back and forth, and fun Zoom calls. For. myself, 2020 has expanded my friendships and widened my variety causing me to learn, grow, and appreciate.

Reflecting back on these past 365 days, I have realized that 2020 is a year for change. A year for knowledge, a year for tragedy, a year for misfortune. However, those setbacks don’t retract all of the good that this year has brought me. So 2021, I beg you, be good to me, be good to my loved ones, and be good to the world because we need you more than ever.