Three fast takes from the recent week of sports


1. It’s all fun and games until Chad Henne steps on the field – At this point in time, the rest of the teams still alive and well in the NFL playoffs might as well just say “I quit” after watching a Patrick Mahomes-less Chiefs team carve out a victory against the red-hot Browns. Before Mahomes exited the game with a concussion, my pick to win the Super Bowl looked like they were in the driver’s seat with the gear pushed to drive. When Chad Henne jogged onto the field, the car slammed into park. No offense to Chad, but when the poster boy quarterback in the NFL is taken to the locker room with a suspected concussion, it’s not a good look. To most people’s surprise, Henne and the Chiefs sealed the deal with a gutsy shotgun pass on 4th and 1 that only the likes of Andy Reid would call. With one hurdle out of the way, the Chiefs will host a scary good Bills team at home without Patrick Mahomes under center. Only time will tell if the reigning Super Bowl champions possess enough true greatness to win a pivotal AFC Championship game with Patrick Mahomes sitting on the sidelines. 

2. The Nets traded for the perfect cushion – I’m obviously not in the position to call a player a cancer to their locker room, but Kyrie Irving’s antics always push me to the breaking point of calling him just that. I totally understand wanting to go out to your sister’s birthday bash. And trust me when I say this: it sucks that you can’t. But I also happen to understand that there are a group of 14 other guys who are counting on your presence in the locker room. In response to Kyrie’s antics, the Nets did what they needed to do; they traded for one of the best scorers of all time and wrapped up the scars that Kyrie inflicted with a bandaid. When playoff time comes rolling around, the Nets are going to look back on this historical trade and pat themselves on the back for their excellent front office work.

3. It’s cool and all but not anything to dance around about – No matter how much green and white can be found in my bloodstream and no matter how much I enjoyed spending my Saturday afternoon watching Hunter Dickinson sulk on the bench, I can’t cap these three fast takes off without acknowledging the fact that Michigan’s sizable loss to Minnesota wasn’t concerning at all. In fact, I think that they needed to get whooped in the you-know-what one time in order to find some source of adversity to overcome; what I am trying to say is that an “L” on their schedule was long overdue after being the first team to ever knock off a trio of ranked teams by more than 19 points. They decided to end their record-breaking streak with a loss to a very, very good Minnesota team in a very, very good Big Ten Conference. Big Deal. Next game.