It’s Time to Step It Up

Its Time to Step It Up

Hannah Kos, Staff Writer

Our school is compassionate, high-spirited, enthusiastic, and involved; when it revolves around us.

When our football team makes it to districts, we are all in, screaming our heads off and cheering our boys on; when our team makes national news, we are writing letters defending our rights; when a student passes away, we cover lockers, make cards, and light Chinese lanterns in memory. However, when an event doesn’t directly affect us, we simply don’t care as much.

Every November for the past few years, the student council has raised money to go to Family Promise Christmas Store. With this money, the student council is able to purchase toys, appliances, and anything else families without homes, or families that previously didn’t have homes.

These people have nothing. Essentially, when they come to Family Promise, they walk in with the clothes on their back. Family Promise not only gives them a place to stay, but also helps them get furniture, find a job, purchase supplies for their homes like pots and pans, and learn how to manage their money.

While families are getting on their feet, there is little money left over for extravagant Christmas presents or even a Christmas tree for that matter. That is where FHC comes in. Every dollar that is donated within the next week is every dollar that will go towards purchasing dolls and race cars for girls and boys that have done nothing to deserve the cards they have been dealt.

So honestly, we need to step it up; this is ridiculous. FHC is Santa for Family Promise kids, and we are being pretty bad elves. As I sat at lunch, manning the donation table,

I watched, maybe, being generous, ten people walk up to donate. There are roughly 1300 people in our school. That shouldn’t have happened. I watched kids put one-dollar bills, five-dollar bills, and ten-dollar bills into their wallets as they walked past the table, without the thought of donating even crossing their minds.

Our numbers have been decreasing every year and it needs to stop. We can do it. We can raise $10,000.

Ten dollars a person can get us well over our goal. So let’s donate. Let’s make a difference.