Although I didn’t understand a word in Selena Gomez’s newest album, Revelación, it blew me away


The cover picture of Selena Gomez’s newest album.

After six long years, the pop princess herself—Selena Gomez—finally released her newest album, Revelación, to the public.

It truly blows me away how insanely talented Gomez is and how far she has come within the six years since her last album dropped.

In this album which came out March 12, Gomez gifts her fans six brand new songs. All six songs are sung completely in Spanish. 

It might seem bizarre that Gomez released an entire album in Spanish. Apparently it’s because in her family they would always trade secrets while speaking in Spanish making her feel ostracized because her Spanish was never fully fluent; she would only pick up on parts of the conversations.

Like young Selena at first, I don’t understand Spanish, so I couldn’t focus on the words. However, there was really no need; the vocals alone showcase her unparalleled voice.

I grew up listening to Gomez singing on Disney Channel, but now, hearing her after years of nothing, I was truly flabbergasted by her talent.

It’s hard seeing Gomez go from a young actress, portraying Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place, to a serious artist. However, it’s remarkable to see how far she has progressed in her musical career.

Typically, the lyrics are what make a song fantastic. But since I didn’t understand what she was singing about, I focused on her soothing voice. 

One song that displays her voice marvelously is “De Una Vez.” Whenever I listen to her sing, it is almost like I could fall asleep to her beautiful voice. 

Even though I don’t understand any of the Spanish, I still think the song is well written and fantastically executed. She sang the words smoothly in all of her songs in Revelación.

However, there was really no need; the vocals  alone were able to showcase how incredible the voice she possesses. 

As for “Baila Conmigo,” one of Gomez’s other songs featured in the album, this was one of the more unique songs that she sang. It stood out to me because of the small portion that featured Rauw Alejandro. 

It is as if their voices are made for each other—they blend so well. He adds the bit of diversity the song needs, the perfect way to shake up her album.

In “Selfish Love,” the song broadcasts Gomez’s wide range when it comes to her voice, going from extremely high singing to bringing it down to her typical octave which is alto. 

Once I heard how stupendously she sang in the album, it made me consider looking more into the lyrics to fully understand what Gomez is saying within this breathtaking album. 

From now on, I will be paying attention to Gomez’s music. If everything she produces lives up to the high standards I just listened to, I’m fairly certain I’ll always be pleased spending time with her marvelous voice.