• Varsity girls soccer game at home: 3/25

  • Coin War donations at all lunches: 3/18-3/22

The Central Trend

Krystal Koski
Krystal is a junior entering her second year on staff. As a part of the Forest Hills Central Rowing Team for the past three years, she hopes to continue this passion into college. Krystal is in charge of all-things social media when it comes to the Trend, and plans on continue working for The Central Trend all throughout high school, and is excited to see what this year will bring.

  • Favorite part of being on the TCT: Constantly being able to improve my writing skills and bring what I learn with the Trend into my other classes.

  • Favorite book: Catcher in the Rye, because the unreliability of Holden as a narrator and the storyline in general is fascinating to me.

Krystal Koski , Social Media Manager

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central