Kenzie Davis’s environmental passion has grown from her ability to find new hobbies


Kenzie Davis

Kenzie Davis smiling as she looks down and cuddles her cat

Junior Kenzie Davis’s passion for nature comes with a green thumb and fresh cilantro.

Though this is a fairly new hobby to her, Kenzie is already prepping for the summer when she will be growing tomatoes, spinach, and other fresh herbs. Her influence started through her brother, who started a garden as well, at the age of five where she quickly picked up on the ins and outs of the perfect technique to allow her plants to flourish. 

“I would love to expand my knowledge further,” Kenzie said. “I would have a little coffee shop with my plants around it.”

Since Kenzie was young, she has always had a calling towards the outdoors and loving the environment around her. 

For her senior year, she is planning to take an Independent Study with science teacher Chad Scholten. Through this, she will work in the greenhouse and gain more experience around what she has grown to love: gardening. 

I would have a little coffee shop with my plants around it.

— Kenzie Davis

Along with her love to grow the gifts of the Earth, she continues her environmental streak with plans to backpack with her family around the country. Though Kenzie has done it once before in fourth grade on Isle Royale, she hopes to expand her journey to the Appalachian Trail or even the mountainous state of Colorado.

“My family got me into backpacking because they’re big outdoors people,” Kenzie said. “It’s basically camping as we walk.”

Backpacking has also allowed her to become more in tune with herself and nature alike. There is limited access to amenities people would usually utilize, such as phones, computers, and other technology that could restrict you from enjoying the outdoors. 

Although this may seem hard, Kenzie has grown to enjoy being away from the screen. Especially this year with its ups and downs, Zoom calls, and countless days of inactivity, Kenzie admits she spends more time than she would like on her phone and social media.  

“Being off technology and [getting more into] nature is really good for you,” Kenzie said. “I would like to do it more because it lets me enjoy what’s around me.” 

Being enrolled in AP Environmental Science this year has its major upsides as Kenzie gets to explore the in-depth, ecological and environmental processes, and problems of everyday life.

As Kenzie reaches her happiness through spending time outside and appreciating nature, she finds herself separated amongst her friends in terms of common interests. 

“We don’t really share the same hobbies,” Kenzie said. “I’ve opened their eyes up more [to the topics] I’m passionate about.” 

A good example of this can be seen with Kenzie’s ability to knit, as her friends have voiced how they would like to start knitting as well. 

This interest Kenzie picked up as a freshman looks like it will be staying for a while, as she has already learned to make hats and scarves.

“My grandma knits, and she had been making blankets,” Kenzie said. “I don’t do it that often because I don’t have much time anymore.”

Knitting her scarves has been a relaxing activity that she has branched out in experimenting with. Over the years, Kenzie found a successful way to achieve some of what she aims to do by trying new things. 

Adding to her creative side, she is passionate about singing and hopes to join the musical next year. Kenzie has been singing for as long as she can remember, as she participates in her first year in Central Singers—the school’s acapella choir. Kenzie’s musical talent doesn’t stop with singing; she also plays the piano and ukulele.

“I have piano lessons every two weeks,” Kenzie said. “My main reason I tried out for the musical was just that I love singing so much.”

Whether it be through connecting with the environment or singing her heart out on stage, Kenzie won’t stop exploring her new interests to find what she loves to do.

“I’ve found so many things I like to do,” Kenzie said. “I want to continue developing my newfound hobbies, and I don’t want to stop now.”