The invisible ties that connect the sun and moon are withering in between


Grace Crook

The sun’s rays can be effortlessly captured, but the moon’s glimmer is saturated with failure

How does the moon compare to the sun?

It is surely not seen as an equal to the bright, white bulb emitting light to guide you through your day. 

With the blinding orbs to the eerie fog of the night, we are drawn to the sun. It is inevitable. The moon will always still be there; a shadow, waiting for a time when it will be loved as much as the sparkling globe we are bound to. 

Do you think the sun looks at other stars and gets envious? 

The answer is no; the stars do not come out when the sun is in its element. The stars wait patiently for their time, standing back until a time when people will be able to appreciate them like they do the sun. But nightfall comes and people retreat into their homes to await the coming of the dazzling sun so it can bless them once more.

The sun does not notice that the stars are background characters. 

Do you think the sun realizes that the moon is sulking behind its rotational orbit around Earth? 

The sun does not rotate for anybody; the moon is a slave to its rotations. 

The sun allows all eight planets to circle day after day around it. I wish to scold the sun, to tell it “the world does not revolve around you,” but, in fact, it does. 

The moon can hear when people shout gleefully at the sun, wishing for it to come out when it has been tramped by the clouds. It shines brighter than ever once it pushes away the cirrus and stratus clouds. 

The sun does not rotate for anybody; the moon is a slave to its rotations.”

We marvel at the sight of the sun rising once again, bringing its beautiful colors to welcome its presence. All else seems to fall away as people are holding their breaths while the sun ascends into the sky. The sky is made perfectly for the sun to stretch for miles and bring its golden rays wherever they please.

It may be the moon’s time to shine. Eventually, it will see an opening and take the spotlight. But it fades and wanes as the day goes on while the sun continues to soak up the glory. The beautiful sun, big and bright. People do not live without the sun; people can live without seeing the moon’s faded shape. 

When the moon gets a helping hand to pull them up into the night sky, it can sense the disappointment from the crowd below as they realize their day has ended and go back indoors. 

Then the moon is left all alone with nothing but a raccoon using its light to ravage for food. Even as the moon attempts to talk with the animals, they scatter away as soon as they’ve found just what they’re looking for. 

We think of the moon and sun as equals. They are opposite equals, but were they ever equal? While they may be chasing each other in a wild attempt to catch up with one another, the sun will continue shining brighter as the moon has to watch in envy. 

They see each other often. As they embark on their journeys, forces propel them like roller coasters. The sun receives compliments on how it shines perfectly in the bright blue sky, almost as if it were painted solely for this moment. 

I will now gaze out at the moon and remember its lonely illumination.

I will make the moon as important as the sun. 

I ask again, How does the moon compare to the sun?

It doesn’t; they are different but I marvel equally in their beauty all the same.