Dayglow’s teaser songs for his new album are just what I need for the start of summer


Dayglow coverart

Dayglow’s newest album Harmony House to be released the 21st of May

Dayglow has been on a popular streak with songs that seem to be picked up on the media for everyone to enjoy. These songs include: “Can I Call You Tonight?” and “Hot Rod” and “Listerine,” and more from his latest album Fuzzybrain

Now, I’m hoping four more songs will be added to the list this year as Sloan Struble, professionally known as Dayglow, continues to release songs to tease his new album Harmony House being released on the 21st of May. 

“Close to You” came as an upbeat melody that almost anyone could get into immediately. Dayglow’s indie-pop energy gives the relaxing feeling all while making me want to listen to his songs whilst driving down the street at night with my volume up unnecessarily loud. 

The lyrics “I’m only overthinking when I’m close to youcome as a repetitive bridge that seems to have me in a trance as he ranges his vocals to a higher octave that hits the sweet spot in music. 

His second song released was “Something.” His revealed album listed this song as the first track to be played once the long-awaited album is fully released. After listening to “Close To You,” it almost shocked me how opposite this song’s beat is compared to the first. It had more of a stimulating feeling that I could imagine being played during the intro of a coming-of-age movie while the main character rushes to get ready for school. The song was over before I could process what I had listened to, so I immediately played it again. The short song—being one minute and fifty seconds long—has a louder sound than the previous one that made me want to check if my volume accidentally turned up four octaves. The song ends abruptly with the raspy lyrics “I’ve waited so long” with a sharp cut-off to make you stew in your own thoughts.

I’m only overthinking when I’m close to you

— Dayglow

“Woah Man” is the next song that blew me away. If I told you “Woah Man” and “Close To You” were similar songs, it would only be through the relaxing comfort it brings. This song was a slower song that felt more personal and close to whoever is listening. Though it had a backing track to accompany it, there was a presence of an acoustic feeling that I couldn’t shake. As I was listening, it resembled something of an older Taylor Swift song with its sentiments being displayed through each lyric. The message of letting things go because they are out of your control seems to be in bold letters as I go through the song. With the continuing movie soundtrack vibe, this would be the song towards the end of the movie where the main character undergoes development and learns to move on. This message in the song is very relatable in a way where I can learn to stop worrying about everything that comes because they are indeed out of my control, and that’s how growth will develop. 

“Balcony” is his latest released single in the soon-to-come album. This was released only a week ago, and I’ve already had it looped more than I can count. As I continued to listen to the song, I was reminded of one of his previous songs “Hot Rod,” which had a very similar tune and beat during both choruses. I’m not surprised I was hooked onto this song so quickly, as “Hot Rod” continues to be in my top 10 songs of all time. I’ve already added “Balcony” to my playlists whether that be for driving, at a party, or just sitting outside and watching the cars drive by. This song stuck with me more than the others, for no reason in particular, but the melody is a captivating piece that compels me to restart the song just to hear it again for the first time. 

I’m so impressed with Dayglow and these new singles. I’m looking forward to his new album coming soon, and if those songs are anything like these teasers, then the album will be his finest work and just what someone needs after a long day. 

As music continues to change with the trends and fads of modern culture, Dayglow’s tone hasn’t compared to his original style, but it also keeps in the loop of just what society is looking for.