Fruition is an incredible addition to downtown Ada

I’ve heard many positive things about acai bowls, but I had never tried one before. So, off to Fruition, I went.  

This was my second time entering Fruition, and I still enjoyed the calming sense of the building. The light blue and white color codes of the cafe worked together to make a serene atmosphere. I loved the minimalist decorations; the light fixtures were the main point. My eyes were automatically brought to the beige, woven-appearing lights hanging around my head. 

I ordered the Sunny Up acai bowl and the Brew Me smoothie. Fruition has a larger menu than I expected, and everything looked incredibly appetizing; they had avocado toast, bagels, and a variety of smoothies. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it; the sweet berry flavor was a great contrast to the chocolate smoothie I ordered.

The acai bowl’s smell reminded me of picking strawberries with my cousins.”


Sunny Up had strawberries, blueberries, and bananas—the base was a deep purple. The different fruits battled on my tongue to be the defining taste. Granola isn’t my favorite, and I am glad to say it didn’t affect my opinion on the acai bowl; rather, it added a pleasing texture. The acai bowl’s smell reminded me of picking strawberries with my cousins. I would definitely order it again. 

Brew Me was the perfect contradicting taste to Sunny Up. The smoothie was chocolate, banana, and coffee. I was coming from work and was extremely tired, therefore, the coffee was what drove me to order this smoothie. And I am so incredibly happy that I did. The banana was the most influential taste. From the first sip to the last, I was enchanted by the delicate yet bitter taste. This was another new favorite. 

On top of the wonderful food, the workers were insanely kind; I was very pleased with the customer service both times I visited Fruition. Having pleasant workers is very important to me, and the workers at Fruition nailed it. 

I don’t have many complaints about Fruition; it is a healthy, delicious, and tranquil place to get a snack. There were only two things that slightly annoyed me, the first one being the price. The first time I walked in, I was not expecting to pay over five dollars for the one smoothie I ordered; instead, I paid roughly ten dollars. I expected the high price range, but not eighteen dollars worth. Though I wish Fruition could become my regular hang-out place, I don’t have the money to go often; so Fruition is a special treat. 

My second complaint is that you have no choice in the quantity of what you order. The only option you have is the medium-sized drink or food possibilities. This was a little discouraging, though the size was quite perfect for my hunger; there was plenty to fill me up.

Despite the few alterations I would make to the cute and fresh snack shop, Fruition is a flavorsome and calming place to go. I highly recommend visiting the recent addition to downtown Ada.


Although it is a little pricey, I will most definitely visit Fruition again.