An Education and Community We Should be Thankful for


Rene Maier, Managing Editor

My family, and many others, have their own traditions for Thanksgiving, but many have the same tradition of stating what you’re thankful for. A lot of the time, you’ll hear the normal “my family”, “my friends”, “this food,” and although you should be thankful for those, there are so many other things to be thankful for as well. I think that many people are thankful for other things, but when they are put on the spot, they are nervous to state other things or they don’t come to mind. But this year, think about what you are going to say you’re thankful for because you know that you are going to have to say something and think of something meaningful. If you need some help to get your thoughts rolling, here are a couple of ideas.

The Forest Hills Community: Yes, I know that you might be with your family members that do not live in the community, but you can still think about the things here that you are thankful for. The Forest Hills community is one like no other.  We are one that cares and wants the best for everyone. Think about our school- we are one of the top schools in Michigan and are given the opportunity to succeed and to be pushed to do our best. I think that is something to be thankful for. A good education and being surrounded by people and teachers that want you to be the best is a blessing. 

The Opportunity to Apply to College: Here, again in the community, all students are given the chance to apply to college and many are able to apply and also attend schools out of state. Yes, some do need the help of financial aid, yet almost everyone applies and almost everyone that graduates attends college. There are many places that don’t have the opportunities that we have and there are also places that many of their students don’t choose to further their education. And if you are an underclassman, think about your education here at FHC and all the opportunities that are yet to come.

So, instead of stating the obvious, try to think more in depth about what you are thankful for because your family will be surprised if you say something other than your family, friends, or food. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!