Saying Goodbye Never Gets Easier


Ava Stathakis , Public Relations/Marketing Manager

Sometimes they take a ton of weight off your shoulders, but other times it feels like you’re being squashed like a bug. Either way, they’re not the easiest thing in the world, goodbyes are something I want to do as few times as possible in my life.

When someone moves away, it’s hard. Knowing that a person is still alive and well but you just can’t seem them, especially if they’re important to you, creates one of the most indescribable pains. Part of it is going from hanging out with someone almost everyday to seeing them maybe once a month. But, when you do see them it is the best feeling in the world. Some may think that it’s not really saying goodbye because you still see them, but it’s a different type of goodbye. That feeling when they return quickly diminishes as soon as they leave and you have to say goodbye to them all over again. It’s replaced, once again, with the feeling of pure and utter sadness.

There’s skype, texting, and so many other ways to communicate with someone, but it’s just not the same. It’s physically being in the same room hearing the way they say something or just observing their mannerisms. Also, eyes, they’re so important. They tell so much more than words ever will, they truly are the window to the soul. You can see happiness, sadness, empathy, or anger in them. Seeing someone’s eyes over a video chat obstructed by the quality just makes them look dull, boring, and not as special. 

Then there are the goodbyes that are relieving, it’s still hard, but sometimes letting go of someone is the right thing to do. It happens most with negative friendships, yes they’re your friend, but if they’re constantly putting you down and just generally making you feel bad about yourself it’s just not something you want. Regardless, it’s not easy but it’s what makes the most sense.

When someone passes away, it is heart-wrenching. Just thinking about the fact that you’re just never going to see that person again is just an odd feeling. At first, it doesn’t really hit you, but then you’re standing there in front of the grave reading their name on the granite stone marking where they are and your heart starts to sink. If it’s sudden you never actually got the chance to say goodbye, and that’s the hardest goodbye because it’s the one that is never said. 

There are so many goodbyes that are faced in life. I try to avoid as many as possible, especially when I have so many great people in my life. My best friends, my family, co-workers, and even some teachers. I don’t plan on having to say goodbye and be disconnected with them any time soon and I really hope they don’t either. These people know who they are and I want them to know how important they are in my life and how I’m so happy that they’ve decided to stay.