What we’re missing out on



picture taken in nature’s home

The crisp breeze starts to die down; it’s been lingering through my lungs for quite a while. It’s finally beginning to feel like spring is skipping across the damp, cool ground.

Around every neighborhood corner, laughter emerges from the tops of trees as kids dangle their feet—swinging their bodies on the natural monkey bars. The way that joy fills the air, lifts the world from its winter phase makes it feel like we’ve reached the end of our hibernation––no more chilled mornings and freezing nights.

One glance outside the window and there, perched up-right, sits a woodpecker and its calm, red body. The sounds of the birds chirping in the distance make it to my ears, and I dance to nature’s music. Only the bark from a dog could scare the birds away. Each one their own size, the deer carefully come one-by-one, grazing for new food sprouting from the now living surface of the Earth. They are afraid of us, but not the change in weather around them–they live for Earth’s healthy snacks to rise in the springtime. 

Although we rush to get out our springtime clothes and dusty sandals from the attic, nobody settles—for winter is never really over when we want it to be. 

Spring gives way for more laughter and solitude from those who seemed to have missed it.”

As the smells of daisies and fresh grass filters through our noses, the sun slowly starts to lay its warmth upon us. There is nothing like a new start–a new beginning to the world, and spring is almost like Mother Nature’s life is going through its own resurrection. 

The birds race against floating dandelions. The whistle of music bounces off the moving bodies of children playing outside. Reassurance is brought back when the colors of the world rise again. The continuous beating of car tires hitting the streets both fast and slow–people are starting to move out of their houses for the day. Loud radio stations burst through the windows as teenagers start to get into the groove of things. Spring gathers different communities together. Spring gives way for more laughter and solitude from those who seemed to have missed it. The spiritual light of life topples its way around every corner, past neighborhood stop signs. The engines of little bodies carry the fun and amusement from every direction. 

We don’t seem to miss this wonderful season until we’ve run out of puzzles and television shows to watch–while we live life by our fires. Nobody takes the time to breathe in the spring air as it becomes our busiest time, and yet during the winter, we miss breathing in the smells and tastes of what life has to offer. 

The springtime is where we start to visualize our future, hearing our own kids run in the backyard, hearing the howls of joy sweep us off our feet. Mother Nature offers us so much that when we don’t see the beautiful colors during the chilled damp winter, we tend to forget that we have an abundance of life living right underneath us.