The importance of a little sheet of paper

The 2022 Midterm Elections have come to an end. People gasp and celebrate and some people feel disheartened about the matter. Regardless, what is so important about voting in the election and why is it such a crucial thing to do? 

The USA is run under a democracy, which is defined as a type of government where leaders are elected based on the will of the people. Voting in the election, whether it be a state, city, town, or nationwide election, is always critical to do. It is an important element of how our country is shaped and what candidates are the best fit for our government.

It has been a given right in America since 1776 when the Constitution was signed, but not all countries have the right to choose their successor and vote on important and impending issues. Approaching 80 years ago, the Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) became a dictatorship, meaning a chosen supreme leader has all the power and say while the citizens respect and obey everything. Contributing to that, the Democratic Republic of Korea does not have a certain term limit for its supreme leader. This means that Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s current leader, can technically rule until his death. After he dies, it is a set-in-stone routine to have the next descendant of Kim Jong-Un rule the country of North Korea. 

People should care about voting indefinitely because politics, whether they like it or not, revolves around everyone’s lives.

— Finn Willis

When the Constitution was signed, the Founding Fathers understood how much choosing their own leader mattered. Under the previous rule, America wanted to veer away from control and keep politics balanced. Nowadays, we hold elections to keep the cycle of politics current and based on the people’s votes.

Nearly 6 in 10 eligible voters in Wisconsin and Michigan cast a ballot, according to the Washington Post. The odds of that are not well because the other 40% are choosing to distance themselves from democracy and overall, the fate of their state and/or country. More people should be thoroughly educated, as well as actively researching our government and what needs to stay the same. 

Based on the previous fact, more than 42 million Americans have already voted in the midterms. That number intrigues me, but also, it boggles my mind; albeit, there are 330 million people in America, and 35 states were subject to reelection in the midterms. The number of people who voted should be higher than 42 million Americans, because more people could have voted for the 35 states up for reelection. 

This goes to show how immensely grateful the citizens of America will forever be knowing they can confidently mark a change in the world. Our leaders have a set amount of terms every 2 to 4 years, influenced by their role in the state or U.S. government, and some people decide not to vote because they believe it doesn’t affect them or simply, they do not care enough. People should care about voting indefinitely because politics, whether they like it or not, revolves around everyone’s lives.

We form politics and the future for ourselves by casting a ballot. Voting is the number one way our world augments, but also how it can stay the same by reelecting certain leaders.

Then again, it is only just a little sheet of paper that could change the course of your entire life.