The recent popular piercings are daring and flexible


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One of my favorite YouTubers sporting their spiky septum piercing.

I like to think of myself as unique, but in terms of body modifications, I’m essentially as basic as possible. I have my ears pierced (usually with very inconspicuous studs in) and my doubles, yet only on one ear. This was a DIY action I made during the COVID-19 lockdown; I would not recommend anyone try this at home due to the negative health effects it could have. However, I am counting down the days until I turn 18 and can get a few more pieces of metal in my face.

While my mother may be sighing and turning off her phone while reading this, it’s true: I want more piercings, especially with the boom of stylish and trendy piercings on social media. 

While my mother may be sighing and turning off her phone while reading this, it’s true: I want more piercings, especially with the boom of stylish and trendy piercings on social media.


My favorite and hopefully next piercing is the septum piercing; it’s rebellious, but not too wild and easily hideable when flipped up. I’ve seen quite the increase in septum piercings in teenagers and young adults, and I couldn’t be happier. Horseshoes are my favorite style for an alternative sense of fashion, but full rings are eloquent and dazzling for more formal occasions. Overall, these are a great piercing to opt for due to their simplicity and relative painlessness.

Upper Nostril

Time for a less popular opinion regarding nose piercings: upper nostril piercings can look excellent if styled correctly. Plain upper nostril piercings that aggressively stick out are not my preference, but when a chain connects symmetrical upper nostrils, it gives an eccentric and flavorful aura.

Angel Bites

Another piercing that has recently stepped into the spotlight is angel bites or angel fangs. Angel bites are symmetrical piercings that reside on each side of the philtrum. They start above the lips, and the optional fang presses against the inner lip. Essentially, angel bites are snake bites for the top lip. While snake bites are intriguing in their own way, I forever adore the small, glistening fangs that subtly show from the angel bites. The only thing that holds me back from these is the potential for tooth harm and oral complications, but as far as looks go, they top my list.


While the above two are a bit too daring for some, a popular youthful yet tame option for the ears is one of my favorite piercings: the helix piercing. Looping around the curve on the outer edge of the ear, helix piercings are hesitantly flashy. My personal preference for the helix is a double helix since it creates a small stack without going over the top, but a simple single helix is often just as exciting.


Industrial piercings are infamous for their painful and extended healing times. While the tales I have heard are stories of misery, the resulting piercing is one of my favorites. The diagonal crossing of the top of the ear has a lot of jewelry for a relatively non-drastic piercing, and it’s just edgy enough to stick out in a crowd.


On the other hand, there are some lobe and other ear piercings that make my heart feel skewered. The first one that comes to mind when considering piercings that just don’t have that attractive effect is the constellation piercing. For those interested in astrology, leave the enthusiasm of the horoscopes away from the ear lobes. 

Constellation piercings are meant to be arranged throughout the ear from lobe to cartilage in a formation that outlines the constellation of a zodiac sign, but it is difficult to see the form without drawing a line. More often than not, these piercings end up looking like cluttered and unorganized patchwork rather than a stellar work of art.


Unlike the other piercings I’ve discussed so far, eyebrow piercings seem to be in decline when compared to today’s popular pieces. I’m not entirely sure why these faded out; perhaps they were too much of a reminder of the My Chemical Romance phase many had or their early 2000s scene era. Regardless, I generally enjoy these piercings so long as they are not small and look like eyebrow fleas.


I’ve bounced back and forth between whether or not I like bridge piercings. Nothing churns my stomach like an infected or rejecting bridge piercing, but the unique placement of the jewelry is an original sight. Right between the eyes at the top of the nasal bridge, it is another symmetrical piercing that is increasingly common. 


I’m not a huge fan of some of the more high matinence piercings personally, but the recent trends have been somewhat simplistic, and all can have a professional spin on them. In my opinion, this is for the best; versatility is the best thing that any accessory can have. The bold placements of bridge and angel bites may be for those who have more piercing experience and confidence, but there are options for anyone looking to get some new metal.