Crom is making prom seem overrated


Prom is an event to remember, but for the crew team, it is a day full of rowing. The persistent dedication of the FHC crew team and the bad timing of a regatta meant that Prom was not going to be a night to dance, but a night to get on the water and push to win. The crew team missing out on such a memorable event was not an option, so the crew board and parents put Crom together. 

I was grateful I had a really good experience at Crom.

Junior Claire Sherman, a third-year crew member, loved the idea of Crom because it made up for an experience lost. Although eager to have the classic Prom experience she was very happy to have a new tradition just for her and her hardworking team. 

“Crom started last year. On normal Prom day, we had a regatta at Orchard Lakes Saint Mary’s, so the entire crew team missed Prom,” Claire said. “Our booster team and our parents planned a crew Prom, now called Crom, so that the crew team who missed Prom during their junior and senior years could go to Crom instead. We did it again this year because of the same regatta.” 

The unfortunate overlap of Prom and the important regatta reoccurred for the past two years, leaving a bittersweet feeling for some crew members. Because of this, the team was a bit anxious about what would happen. 

Claire, being the optimist she is, found the positive in the situation. For her, the once unlucky situation turned into something new and surprising she didn’t expect to have. 

“At first I was really bummed that I was missing prom but there is always next year because I am a junior,” Claire said. “After Crom happened in some sense I am glad I missed out on Prom.” 

Claire explained that even though there was a loss, there was also a huge gain from this unique event. She had more quality time with teammates and friends, while still having the classic Prom experience.

The two events are very similar, as the parents and crew board want to mimic prom for the team. The main point is to recreate a fun night that every high school student will get to have. Claire said that the majority of Crom was the same as Prom, minus a few changes in some activities and themes. 

“There was great catered food with super good pasta. My favorite part was that we got to pick the songs that we wanted to so there was no bad music,” Claire said. “We didn’t have to listen to bad songs. We also had a photo booth, which was very cute. There was no main theme, but one of the moms of the team made crew-decorated cookies that were really cool.”  

Claire and the rest of the crew team were lucky enough to have a Prom experience but without the awkward music you are forced to listen to. This is because there is only a small amount of around 50 students attending, so they could personally request songs. 

The smaller guest size was a huge factor in the success of Crom. Claire and her teammate, Junior Eliza Cool, both agreed that the smaller size of Crom made it worth the wait. 

“I think I want to experience prom, but I spend all of my time doing crew, so crew people become your friends,” Eliza said. “So Crom was kind of better because it was small, and more people that you’re friends with are there.” 

Eliza also stated that Crom was spot on for Prom. She felt that the setup was well done, and she wouldn’t have changed a thing. 

Overall the sense of community within the crew team seems very strong. Alongside Eliza,  another crew teammate, Junior Lucas Fors, felt that the smaller number of attendees made for a more personal event compared to a regular prom. 

“I feel like you miss out on your whole class and senior class together for one last dance for the school year,” said Lucas. “Overall it’s a super fun time and the crew board does a great job making it entertaining. It is almost more fun than school dances because there is a smaller amount of people you are closer to. You definitely miss out on some aspects but overall it’s still a good time.”

All in all, the good seems to outweigh the bad for Crom. It is a lively night full of music, good music, and best of all new unforgettable memories. 

The crew team puts so much hard work into their sport and Crom is one innovative way to celebrate their dedication. No high schooler should miss out on Prom and Crom is a great way to keep the tradition alive. Even though prom was not an option Claire conveyed that Crom was incredible and she wouldn’t have traded it for anything. 

“I was grateful I had a really good experience at Crom,” Claire said. “ I might not have had the same feeling about prom.”