FHC girls soccer is on the rise with a laundry list of commits


Girls soccer has become very popular in our country throughout the past decade. Being a very popular girls sport, most are interested in going to college to keep pursuing what they love to do.

In most circumstances, the girls are usually on a club soccer team that helps to give them exposure to college recruiters that may be interested. The college will then contact the player hoping to schedule a meeting and show them around campus. If the player is interested in attending that school, they will then proceed into more intense sessions.

Many girls from Forest Hills are looking to take this path. From our home of FHC, Natalie Lunt (Indiana University), Bailey Korhorn (Cincinnati University), Madeline Becker (Grand Valley University), Madison Donley (Northwestern University), Avery Tack (Grand Valley University), Stephanie Currie (University 0f Toledo), Katie Mahoney (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Emma Hall (Ohio Wesleyan), and Emma Yoder (Slippery Rock University) will all look to continue their careers at the next level.

Natalie Lunt, a junior at FHC, has been playing soccer for twelve years. She has been active in the sport for so long that she felt she could take it to the next level.

“I’m excited to represent my school and play for Indiana University,” Natalie said. “It was a very early commit, but it is really relieving to already know where I am going.”

Natalie has already met some of her future teammates at summer camps. Getting along with these girls will build relationships on and off the field for the rest of her life.

“My favorite part about Indiana has to be the campus and athletic facilities,” Natalie said. “It was my favorite school all around. It had everything I wanted. I also wanted to be a little further away from home, so it was a good distance.”

Many of the girls committing to play college soccer have all played on the same club team. Growing together as players and teammates, many of the girls now compete on the FHC varsity soccer team.

Natalie’s teammate, Bailey Korhorn, a senior at FHC, has also been playing for longer than she can remember. Next year, she will be taking her talents to the University of Cincinnati.

“I liked everything about Cincinnati, the coaches, the campus, and the soccer program,” Bailey said. “Academically, it was the best choice for me to pursue my career goals.”

Seeing all of these commits from a local view, these schools and athletes are very successful. Having many good soccer programs and clubs makes a huge difference for connections with colleges.

“Being on a popular club team helped me find colleges easier,” Natalie said. “My team travels a lot to showcases which opens up many opportunities for me.”

Bailey is looking forward to her future, as she competes on a bigger stage.

“I am super excited to continue my soccer career at the University of Cincinnati,” Bailey said. “I’m so excited to see what they have to offer.”