Lorde’s single “Green Light” exceeds all expectations


On March 1, 2017, 20-year-old singer-songwriter Lorde announced the release of her first song in over four years.

It had been alluded that Lorde would be releasing new music this year; however, release dates were not shared, nor was an album name provided. Fans were desperate for any information regarding the status of a single, EP, or album. It is for this reason that on March 1, Lorde fans were in a frenzy, because they had just been given a one-day notice for a long awaited, much anticipated release.

The single, entitled “Green Light,” had a lot of hype to live up to. After having four years to work on music, expectations are ridiculously high. Yet even surrounded by oodles of excitement, hype, and prospects, “Green Light” lived up to, and even exceeded, any notions I had regarding the song before hearing it.

“Green Light” is slightly different than the music featured on Lorde’s first album, Pure Heroine. Featuring songs like “Ribs” and “Swinging Party,” almost every song on the album, no matter how upbeat, had a rather pessimistic message. A theme that ran rampant through a majority of the songs was fear of the future, and that is where “Green Light” strays from Lorde’s normal path of music.

Her first single of 2017 is full of hope and optimism. The background tune is extremely upbeat; it provides a beat that is extremely catchy and easy to dance to. To add to that, the lyrics don’t hold an extremely dark or insightful message as her past music has. This is not to take away from the song itself; the lyrics are still enjoyable, but they are filled with hope and happiness, rather than fear and disappointment, differing from her past work.

Behind the hopeful tune and happy lyrics, there lies a vibe of calamity. The song may be energetic and enthusiastic, yet Lorde’s voice is soothing and familiar. While the lyrics and overall sound of the song is on a different spectrum than any past music, the familiarity that lies within her voice draws people in. It’s a reminder of what we went four years without: her voice. No matter how different the song may be, it is still Lorde, which is more than enough for fans who were desperate for new music.

After being left to fend for myself and get by with songs that are now four years old, “Green Light” fulfilled any needs I had for new releases from Lorde; I was thrilled to have even just one song to hold on to. However, not only was I blessed with one new song from Lorde, but the prospect of many more as well.

After “Green Light” had been officially released across the globe, Lorde made another huge announcement. Her sophomore album, entitled Melodrama, would be released sometime this year. Although the exact date is not known, the excitement aroused from the fan base was extreme, and I for one, am looking forward to hear what she has to say.