My love hate relationship with the movie Everything Everything

My love hate relationship with the movie Everything Everything

I’ve never been a fan of cliche movies. A boy and girl meet, they fall in love, and something bad happens; then in some terribly romantic ending, they kiss and makeup. Our world is full of books and movies that follow that plot line, exactly. And we certainly don’t need another one.

But I can’t deny my instantaneous love of the movie, Everything Everything. Yes, it’s banal, and yes, I was saddened by its predictable plotline. Nevertheless, I was completely entranced the second that the lights in the theater went out. From the creator’s insanely creative presentation to the actors and actresses performances, from a purely visual standpoint, it was amazing.

Unfortunately, the beautifully intricate way that the story was presented was marred by its dreadfully boring plotline. I’ll give it to the movie makers, they tried. They changed it up by creating troubles in Olly’s home life and adding a bit of a twist in the ending. But, it just wasn’t enough to get out of the cliche zone.

However, for a movie stuck in the cliche zone, it was pretty great. As a teenage girl, I was drawn in by its beautifully unrealistic interpretation of love. And as the movie progressed, it only tugged on my heart strings more and more, causing me to even shed a tear or two.

So, I would give the movie, Everything Everything, a very mixed and indecisive review. While I loved the acting, beautiful shots, and also can’t get over the fact that I am helplessly in love with Maddy and Olly’s romance, I can’t seem to get past the banality of it all. I guess you’ll have to simply go and see for yourself whether you put Everything Everything in the “way too cliche” category, or the “I’m coming back to see it again” category.