With natural ingredients and bright flavors, Darts Donuts creates noteworthy donuts


One unusually dim morning, light rain pattered against the sidewalk from gray rain clouds. I shuffled into Darts Donuts, hoping that one of their handmade and exceptionally exquisite donuts would brighten my day. Upon opening the door, my senses were treated to the sweet smell of donuts and sound of happiness. Light music played in the background with the occasional clatter of plates and laughter coming from the other well fed customers, both young and old. The warm glow of string lights and flickering wall lamps contrasted with the gloom outside. Brightly colored metal chairs were scattered throughout the room.

Looking through the display case at their eclectic selection of donuts, I felt my stomach grumble, as each donut seemed to be calling my name. Flavors range from classics like chocolate and cinnamon sugar, to the unusual Whiskey Bacon and Mango Coconut Lime. As I scanned their selection, the Lemon Blueberry donut caught my eye with its bright purple and white drizzled icing. Blueberry is my favorite flavor for almost everything, so based on that love of blueberries and my impatient stomach, I ordered the Lemon Blueberry donut.

Fortunately, the donut arrived promptly, and I happily shoved it in my mouth for the first blissful bite. My teeth sunk into the soft confection, and my craving was satisfied by the rich taste of blueberry with a tang of zesty lemon. The bold burst of flavor from the icing surprised me. In my experience, most donuts taste faded and dry. Uniquely, Darts Donuts handmakes their donuts from scratch every morning, and their ingredients are natural and locally-sourced.

Initially, the price for a single donut seemed somewhat steep, but after looking into it, I realized that the price is reasonable based on the quality of ingredients and the amount of work put into each donut. At $1.95, a Darts donut is only twice the price of the average, artificially-flavored donut. The taste is worth every penny and more. The donuts at Darts are considerably more satisfying and wholesome than your everyday donut.

In addition, while you’re there you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting the community and local farmers. So, if you’re looking for happiness in the form of a donut, it’s available on the corner of Lake Dr. and Atlas Ave.