Equestrian Team Advances to Regionals


Maddie Yob, Staff Writer

This weekend, the FHC Equestrian Team broke yet another record. The FHC Equestrian team won the district championship for the third time in a row and, as a result, it will be venturing to Regionals at Midland Fairgrounds. This achievement is even more significant because just three years ago the team did not exist. 

This years team has three riders: senior Samantha Moore, junior Abby Deweerd, and freshman Jenna Sitarski. Because they only have three riders, they compete against other smaller teams – like Belding, Lowell and Sparta – that have 3-5 members, categorizing them as a “C” team. 

“These girls work really hard,”  head coach Kathy Covert said. “They practice all through the summer and I am very blessed to be their coach.”

In the summer, the girls only officially practiced twice a week for two hours at a time. But according to Covert, most kids have to trailer their horse to practice, adding an hour before practice and an hour home. These practices are at assistant coach Lori Raimer’s house.

Both coaches share the sentiment that they are extremely honored to work with such great kids in representing FHC at regionals, the girls have worked really hard toward this goal and it is great to see it being achieved.

According to freshman Jenna Sitarski, she is nervous for this meet as it will be the biggest competition she has even been in. But she is also excited to have the opportunity to go her freshman year of high school.

The FHC equestrian team will be showing at regionals from October 2nd to October 4th, and if they place in the top two, they will be going to states from October 15th to October 18th.