Player Profile: Colleen Kramer


Name: Colleen Kramer

Grade: Senior

Sport: Diving

What are some successes you and the team had last season?

“Last season I earned All-Conference, All-State, and All-American awards. We were very successful as a team. We had 12 girls qualify for states for the swim and dive team; four were divers. Together we placed 3rd in the state as a team.”

How has this season been going?

“We have only had a couple meets, but so far we’ve done very well. I almost scored my personal record.”

Why do you dive?

“I started diving at the end of eighth grade when I quit gymnastics. A couple of my friends from gymnastics who quit around the same time had gone to a few diving practices and convinced me to give it a try. I was pretty hooked from the start. I continue to dive everyday because I love working hard on things and seeing improvement. Diving is one of those sports where you’re just constantly working on perfecting your form. Once you fix one part of the dive, you move onto other parts. It’s a never-ending cycle until you realize you’re flying through the air in a perfect pike position with pointed toes and then ripping an entry with no splash.”

Who is your biggest inspiration in diving?

“My biggest inspiration is my teammates. I’m quite certain the only reason I go to practice every single day is to be with them. They’re funny and uplifting and kind of keep you going. We’re always joking around and goofing off on the pool deck. Lots of times we perform dives badly in practice and even meets, but my teammates are always there to convince me to keep moving forward and pump each other up.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I have decided not to continue my career as a diver because I want to attend a larger, Division 1 university for academics.”

What are your favorite memories from diving?

“I have so many fond memories of staying in hotels and goofing around with my teammates, especially during states.”

What is a quote that inspires you?

“Probably our motto for the year which is, “All-in.a��”