JV golf continues dominance, places second in two matches in a row

JV golf continues dominance, places second in two matches in a row

Ali Czarnecki, Sports Reporter

After a successful match at Boulder Creek on Monday, winning second out of eight teams, the JV golf team swept through another match. As the season continued Wednesday, they played at Arrowhead in Lowell and got second out of several teams. With little of the season left, the girls look to achieve their highest scores of the year and beat the first place winner of every tournament, Northern. Doing well in most of their matches this season gives them an outlook for the last two matches they are looking to participate in next week.

Junior Kennedy Poplin has so far been very successful with this team. Participating in almost all of their matches, her highest score in nine holes is a 45.

“On Monday, we shot some of our personal bests. Personally, I did not shoot my best, I shot a 52. But my goal for the next two matches is to beat my score of 45,” Kennedy said. “On Monday, Mandy and Taylor shot the best, scoring a 49. With two matches left, we’re going to try to reach all of our goals and just go big so our coach is really pushing us right now. We’ve been practicing and lifting every day.”

Along with Kennedy, there are three sophomores that were successful on Monday and last night’s match, Mandy, Taylor, and Katie Bethel.

“I did pretty good on Monday, I did better than most of my scores this season, 58. This whole golf season was to get better at golf, to learn more about golf and to get my score lower,” Katie said. “On Tuesday, I scored a 61 but overall as a team we played really well. I’m excited about the last match because our whole team gets to play, not just individual people.”

Mandy has been thriving throughout the whole season, usually scoring higher than most people on the team and in the tournaments. On Monday, even though the team overall tied for second, Mandy scored the highest out of every golfer in the tournament.

“On Monday, I scored a 49 but I need to focus on my swing. I worked on it a lot at practice with Coach and I would like to be more consistent with my balls and possibly get a lower score,” Mandy said. “On Wednesday I also got a 49 at Lowell. As a team, our coach would like us to all come together and get along and support each other to focus and improve our skills. I think in our last few matches we should focus on getting better scores and getting first place for the first time this year, so hopefully, we beat FHN.”

Taylor is also one of the many girls on the team who planned to learn more and lower her score in golf. Throughout the season her score has lowered to a score she can manage to maintain. With these scores, she plans to dominate in the last two matches.

“I got a 49 on Monday, overall my goal was just to get my scores as low as possible. But on Wednesday I scored a 56 so I’m going to try to improve that in the last two matches,” Taylor said. “I am really looking forward to playing with my teammates in the last few times I get to because the teams might change next year so I’m excited to spend time with them.”

Overall, this skilled team has come together this season to work together. Looking forward, with two matches left, the goal is bigger than before. Hoping for first in the next two, FHN will have to put up a fight against this unstoppable group.