Player Profile: Cora Kelly


Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Name: Cora Kelly

Grade: 9

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Hitter

How have you done so far this season?

“I think I’ve done pretty good along with my team. I don’t think I’ve made any big errors so far so that’s a positive.”

What is your outlook so far on the season?

“I think we can possibly win all our games from here on out. In the beginning we weren’t strong since we all came from different teams, like A team, B team, and some from rec. But now that we know each other well, I feel like we can go undefeated from this game on.”

Why do you play volleyball?

“Every play can be different. You have to expect the unexpected. A ball could come straight back at you without you knowing and I like that aspect of the game.”

What’s the best part of playing volleyball?

I play volleyball because I love the feeling when I make a big play in a game. It’s like the feeling when a football player scores a touchdown. It makes me feel good to make a big play at my position.