Global Infusion sets a high bar for other cafes with their world class chai and fair trade partnerships


An hour in Global Infusion caf is an hour well spent. With some of Michigan’s best chai tea, it is the perfect place to study or relax. Nestled in a small building complex on Diamond Street, Global Infusion isn’t commercially flashy or eye-catching from a street view with its earth-toned exterior color scheme. Despite its unassuming exterior, the interior of the space and the core of the caf is unbelievably rich and vibrant.

Just past the creaky screen door and the tang of the bell on the door is a flurry of colors. The bright orange walls cast a sort of hearty glow around the store, and the chaotic collection of goods are situated completely over one wall and on middle organizers. On the opposite wall is tea, ranging from basic to specialized blends. Because the store is organic, all-natural, and fair trade, every item is unique and handmade by real people who are treated in fair work conditions and receive reasonable pay.

Global Infusion’s mission is to not just benefit the immediate community but also be there to aid communities in developing countries all over the world. They support and partner with a plethora of organizations that only sell and supply. For me, I believe their mission is inspiring; the way they approach the world and people in need should be how other businesses operate. In relation to developed countries, they are like stewards of goodwill and fairness in working conditions. At the heart of the store is an invigorating passion for justice, fairness, and complete love for communities and cultures.

Global Infusion stands out way past their mission. The standard chai tea recipes include cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and tea. Perfecting a recipe is a lofty goal and challenging task, and I’ve noticed that many places make up for the lack of excellence with excessive frothy foam or sugar. Global Infusion, in this aspect (and many others), does not yield to this trend.

In the beginning, the founders of Global Infusion dove into the business world with aspirations to change the world with their outstanding chai tea recipe and passion for the fair trade mission. Global Infusion has held true to those goals since their establishment in 2004, as they continue to create and give to their community.

One sip of chai tea was enough to convince me that their recipe has no parallel, and it exceeded my previous standards. A slight layer of foam topped the mugs of chai, and each sip earned a smile and sense of satisfaction. The rich flavors blended to become an aromatic combination of spices and tastes. The brew wasn’t very sugary, but it did have a certain naturally sweet taste from the spices.

East Town has often been known to be bustling with activity being the “Center of the Universe” for the surrounding community; Global Infusion is in the center of the lovely chaos. However, despite those plain facts, Global Infusion is the best for a peaceful and comfortable study session. The soothing background music features culturally varied voices, languages, and sounds. Also, a strong work ethic and quiet working space are encouraged, which furthermore invites a studying mood.

No matter what drink you get or item you buy from Global Infusion, you will leave with a feeling of calm and contentment. I am continually moved by their passion for fair trade good and creating an enlightening atmosphere for their customers.