Ranger Tennis Aces First Part of Season

Ranger Tennis Aces First Part of Season

Mackenzie Yob, Staff Writer

On October 8, FHC’s boy’s tennis team went through all 8 of their flights without losing a match. Some were massive, and quite remarkable against some pretty tough competition. Senior Tim Spurlin went into a tough set but pulled out the win.

“It came down to the wire, “ Spurlin said. “In the end we just had enough energy to pull off the win and it’s just an amazing feeling.”

Spurlin believes that the team will do pretty well States. They ar help in HOlly, Michigan next weekend. The team is ranked 2nd in the state behind Portage Central ,who they lost to earlier this year. Spurlin and Coach Dan Bolhouse believes they have improved since then

“I’d change a few things about our strategies on the court in some of the matches we lost, however, losing matches is a great method to learn what makes us successful and what doesn’t,”Bolhouse said.

They have a record of 17-3-2 going into regionals this weekend. Bolhouse also says that he specifically tries to schedule the toughest teams in the state because he believes that a team who loses learns more than a team that wins.

Junior Justin James is very proud of their state ranking because just last year half the team was on JV.

Half of our team was on JV last year and we managed to be Ranked 2nd in the state, won 6 of the 8 flights in conferences, and 7 of the 8 flights are ranked 1st going into Regionals, James said.”

One thing Bolhouse believes is a great positive to his team is they simply love playing tennis and they love playing with each other. Sophomore Aidan Rynbrandt echoes what is coach said.

My favorite part of the team is our cohesiveness and chemistry,” Rynbrandt said. “We are all quite close and have a lot of fun together.”

Even though the team has fun together they are still hard at work as their record reflects. In fact Coach Bolhouse is confident in his players ability to make it to states and  potentially win while they are there.

“Our team goals are always the same, we want to win every match and tournament we play, and win them the right way,” Bolhouse said.  “Last fall, when I started coaching, our goals were to win the big 3 Championships, the OK White Conference tournament, the Regional tournament, and the State tournament.  This season we have played the best teams in Division 2 and if we play our best we can win all three Championships again.”

With 6 seniors on the team Bolhouse wants each person to end the season the best they can.

“The boys team is having a great season and we have the opportunity to make this season special,” Bolhouse said. “My personal goal is to have every player on my team win their flight championship at the big 3 tournaments, especially the seniors!  I want every senior who plays for me to win his/her last point to finish their tennis career at FHC.”