Staff and the glory days: Kimberly Herr

Staff and the glory days: Kimberly Herr

Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

What high school did you attend and which sports did you play?

“EKHS Cheer & Dance Team and also statistician for Varsity Wrestling Team.”

How did you get started into these sports?

“Danced since age 2. [I] was asked by the A.D. if I would be interested in statistician position.”

Who or what was your biggest support system?

“Both my parents and Coaches.”

You danced at Central Michigan University, how did you get started there?

“I tried out for the team in the summer before I started college and made the team …YAY!!!”

How did dancing in college help you?

“Leadership, continued the love of dance, involvement in the athletic department, immediate friends on a big campus, involvement and performance in other school functions beyond athletics.”

What is some advice you’d give to a dancer now?

“Stay active and involved, even if in a studio around campus if you are not on a school team. Keep trying out if you want to be on a team-even if for a professional team, coach local area high school, or middle school teams.”

What was your biggest athletic accomplishment in your college dance career?

“Performing during halftime during televised games and actually having a clip of our team shown on TV and being a part of college athletics was awesome!”


What was so different about coaching in comparison to being the dancer?

“Doing all the extra work that would make a team function effectively as a cohesive unit, other than just coming to dance, practice, and perform!!”

Looking back on your career in athletics as a whole, both coaching and playing, what is the biggest thing you took away for your life?

“Confidence, fun, focus, work ethic, awesome memories.”