Tommy’s Sports game of the week: NCAA Football ’14 and why College sports video games need a comeback

Tommys Sports game of the week: NCAA Football 14 and why College sports video games need a comeback

Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Sports Video Game of the Week: NCAA 14 and why College video games need to come back

Do you ever feel like a college aspect of the sports video game industry is missing? Well, you are not alone in that opinion. The last college football video game to come out was NCAA Football 14, and that seemed to sell very well. I also think it would do very well right now because I feel like lots of people are converting more to college sports and distancing themselves from some professional sports. So, people would be much more interested in the college games rather than play professional games. Now let’s take a look into NCAA 14 itself.

Classic mode

In this mode, it’s just your classic college football game. You can be any two teams you want, just like any ordinary sports game. The best part about this mode is the crowd changes if your team plays your rival. For example, if you are Michigan and playing Ohio State at home, the crowd will be much louder if Michigan scored a touchdown than if they played Florida Atlantic.


This game mode is really cool because it has the same aspects of other sports games, but it takes a different perspective of the game mode itself. In this mode you have the option to be a coach or a player of a high school team, then have the opportunity to play in college. Lots of players have fun with this mode, such as making a 7a��0 ft, 225 lb running back. Or even making a 5a��0 ft, 150 lb quarterback! This mode is amazing because of how the game takes you down so many routes based on your decisions in the game.

Ultimate Team

Yes, this is the same concept that EA applies to Madden when making their Ultimate Team game mode. This mode would seem more intriguing to the average sports gamer in my opinion, especially because this is a college game and it would be really interesting to see a really good overall Ultimate Team full of college players. It even allows you to collect legends from their respective colleges, such as a Peyton Manning on Tennessee, or a Barry Sanders on Oklahoma State.

Overall, this game is a great game, and it even has some of the same modes as a professional sports game, just at the college level. I would really like to see these types of college games come back, just because I love to watch college football and college basketball.