Player Profile: Ben Keaton


Kate Ryan, Sports Reporter

Name: Ben Keaton

Grade: Junior

Sport: Boys Wrestling

With the start of the 2017-2018 wrestling season the team is going to be looking for leadership not only from the seniors but the juniors as well. Junior Ben Keaton has been a part of the program since freshman year and is expected to have an extremely successful season.

How many years have you been wrestling and why did you start?

I have been wrestling for 5 years. I started because we had a small little wrestling clinic and I had a lot of fun so I went out for wrestling and enjoyed it a lot.”

What makes wrestling such an important sport to you?

Wrestling is important to me because of the general refinement of the community and the connections that you can make with people that have also wrestled.”

What do you do at every wrestling meet in order to do your best and be successful?

Before my matches I usually stretch and warm up with light workouts that won’t make me tired.”

What is the greatest part about being on the FHC wrestling team?

The best part about the FHC wrestling team is the people, whether it is the great coaching staff, or my fellow wrestlers, they make wrestling so much more fun.”