Thomas Kithier ruled out for the year – opinions


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Ty George, Sports Reporter


The Big man from Macomb Dakota transferred to Clarkston before the school year started. Most people believe, including myself, that his transfer was not motivated by academics but by solely athletics and the ability to play alongside AAU teammate Foster Loyer. Both players are planning on attending Michigan State University to play basketball next year. I believe even though his motives were athletic based he should be able to play this upcoming year with future teammate Foster Loyer. Both can benefit from playing with each other and it will help them create chemistry to bring to Michigan State.


MSU commit Thomas Kithier is spending his senior year with the defending state champions Clarkston. Kithier spent his last few years at Macomb Dakota, playing with 2 freshmen at the University of Detroit. Former Michigan State teammate and Mr. Basketball front-runner Foster Loyer and Kithier played for All-Ohio Red together in AAU ball, and that could likely be the reason for the switch. I agree with the MHSAA’s decision to make Kithier sit the whole season for a few reasons. One, Kithier’s transfer was clearly just basketball focused which is becoming a problem and not a reasonable reason to transfer. Two, it doesn’t show any loyalty to his school, who he left as soon as their best players graduated. Lastly, it’s not going to teach him anything about adversity if he transfers to the former and likely back to back state champions.


Thomas Kithier is a senior who transferred from Macomb Dakota High School to Clarkston High School. Instead of getting the half year ineligibility ruling he got a full year of ineligibility. The officials deemed the reason for this is because he transferred for athletics. In other words he is pulling a Kevin Durant. I think this shouldn’t be allowed. Kithier should be able to play the second half of the season.


The current MSU commit Thomas Kithier who transferred from Macomb Dakota to Clarkston has been ruled ineligible to play this entire season due to his transfer. It is believed that he has transferred for the sole fact of athletics and to be able to play with Mr Basketball front runner Foster Loyer who will also be a future teammate of Kithier’s at MSU. Due to the fact that he is believed to have transferred just for athletics, I believe he should have to sit out the entire year instead of just a portion of the season.