Growing from my past


My friends and I constantly tease each other about how we looked in the past– it’s funny to look back at yourself and think about how bad you looked or how weird you were. Everyone does it, and learning from your past mistakes often offers up an opportunity to grow from what you once were.

Looking back on those “blunder years” is simply an opportunity to reflect on your past self. Though they’re usually cringe-worthy, to say the least, it’s a form of self-reflection that shows maturity and growth. I’ve learned from what I regret doing, and I won’t do it again– simple as that. Seeing myself grow into the person I want to be and comparing myself to who I once was gives me a way to better myself as a person– who would’ve known that my awful haircuts would teach me this much?

Remembering past years that were “awful” helps me realize how happy I am with my life now. Even looking back to six months ago, I’m far more content with my life now, as I’ve focused more on what makes me happy and what I enjoy doing. Sure I still mope around and feel down occasionally, but compared to who I once was, I’m far more content with my place in life as of right now.

I’m infinitely grateful that I’ve been able to get over my past insecurities and be happy with who I am. I vividly remember eighth grade being an awful year, but now I’m realizing all of the good things that came out of it. I cemented my lifelong friendships that got me through that year, and I’ve changed myself from what made me hate that year so much.

Next time you find pictures of yourself from the past, don’t think about how bad you looked or how awful those years were. Instead, use it as a learning experience. Why weren’t you happy? If you’ve overcome whatever it was, then you have a pretty solid reason to be happy about that now. There’s no use in worrying about the past– it’s done and over with. Use what you learn from the past to make your future that much better.