Player Profile: Gavin Keeler


Kate Ryan, Sports Reporter

Name: Gavin Keeler

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Wrestling

As the FHC Wrestling team continues growing, sophomore, Gavin Keeler has decided to join; not only to stay in shape for other sports, but also to have new experiences, to create new memories and gain skill.

How many years have you been wrestling?

This is my first year participating in wrestling. I started because Coach Anderson talked to me and tried to convince me to join along with other wrestlers. At first, I joined just to stay in shape for football, but it’s a lot of fun so I will for sure come back next season.”

What makes wrestling such an important sport to you?

What makes wrestling important to me is that it teaches you a lot about being tough mentally, which can help a ton in other sports. It’s important because it’s a place to work hard and it’s rewarding when your work pays off in a match.”

What do you do at every wrestling meet in order to do your best and be successful?

I have not yet been to a meet, but to get ready for any sporting event I usually eat a granola bar, listen to music, and try to imagine myself making that big play, or in this case imagine a big take-down.”

What is the greatest part about being on the FHC wrestling team?

The greatest part of being on the FHC wrestling team is the pride you are able to carry around. Knowing that at every practice you were coached by the top of the line coaches and that you worked really hard to get where you are now.”

What do you hope to achieve this season personally?

Since it’s my first year, I hope to win a match and when we have wrestle-offs (teammate against teammate) again I hope to win.”